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Morrigan's true face
Morrigan's true face

In love with the princess Esmerelda, the captain of the guard Morrigan planned to elope with her. The king ordered the dwarf Blagg to make Morrigan disappear. Blagg asked a fairy to kidnap Morrigan, leaving behind a 'dear John' note for Esmerelda. Approaching Esmerelda, Blagg told her he knew where Morrigan was held and helped her reach him. Upon freeing Morrigan, Blagg threw acid into Morrigan's face, scarring him. To Esmerelda Blagg said the fairy had disfigured Morrigan. Feeling Blagg had acted honorably, Esmerelda agreed to marry him.

When the king went ill not long after, he sent for Morrigan. Returning to the kingdom, Morrigan was too late, the king had died and the dwarf was now the ruler. Capturing Morrigan, he was sent to prison. There, the Dark One freed Morrigan and offered him the power to take revenge on Blagg. The price was eternal service and the rest of Morrigan's humanity, turning him into Death. He killed Blagg but was too late to save Esmerelda. From then on, Morrigan was at the side of the Dark One.

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