is Morph dead?

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i mean,when Proteus got his mind,he was traped there and believes to be the actual Morph,however he just THINKS he is,the real Morph's mind is dead,i know Proteus acts like Morph and all,but it dont matter if you think you are someone and acts like him,you CANT be him.
i think Morph is dead,what you guys think?

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R.I.P     Morph 

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what makes this even more confusing is that Proteus just showed up in X-men Legacy

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actually there was an issue when proteus ( in morphs body ) was actually talking to morph .. saying that morph could actually extract proteus from his body  
but said he wouldnt if they would work together .. they beat down a god-tier enemy at the time i think  
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Yeah, Morph is still alive, no worries about that. He took care of Proteus, and he is now a small part of him, but Morph is in control

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Morph was separated from Proteus as of the last Exiles series.

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