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One day, Gordon drops a file on Det. McShane's desk. The file contained artist impressions and cases that revolved around Catwoman. Gordon was aware of Agent Galiant's involvement with Catwoman but when Catwoman botched up Galiant's operation, Galiant erased everything that was Catwoman except for Gordon's personal hard copy files. Gordon can no longer tolerate Catwoman's stride of burglaries nor can he depend on the Batman in bringing her in because he suspects Batman's infatuation with Catwoman may be clouding his judgment. Catwoman thinks herself as untouchable even with Feds granting her amnesty for her help in exposing Galiant's corrupt methods but Gordon won't stand for the mockery that she has brought to his precinct any longer. Gordon wants McShane to find new evidence that can be traced back to Catwoman.  
McShane goes through all the case files involving unsolved burglaries or women who pose as cat women while his preexisting caseload is divided amongst Bullock, Bock and Montoya. As a detective first grade, McShane is reluctant to accept this new task. Over time, McShane becomes interested in finding Catwoman because she is one of few people who has gone toe to toe with Batman and got away with it. McShane decides the best way to catch Catwoman is to uncover her roots in order to create a current profile on her. Unfortunately, McShane has no name, no mugshots, no prints or background to go back. However, McShane discovers that Catwoman has a compulsion to leave claw slashes at the scene of each of her crimes.  
Another fact that puzzles McShane is how Catwoman gets herself involved in other activities besides mere theft. There have been some sketchy reports about a woman dressed as a cat who busted a criminal operation that was a block long thanks to a string of phony storefronts on Storrow Street. There was no report of any stolen merchandise which begged McShane to wonder why would Catwoman get involved in stopping crime if there was no personal gain. there was another report about a woman dresses who skinned two furriers because they were killing endangered Siberian tigers and selling their coats on the black market. The one report that has McShane perplexed is when Catwoman unknowingly aided Gotham PD in apprehending Two-Face. 
McShane studied the photos of Two-Face apprehension and figured Catwoman must have had some training in order to master the skill of a whip. Despite his deductions, McShane was no closer to finding out who Catwoman was nor could he triangulate her base of operations with the number of burglaries that occurred in Gotham. Catwoman's thefts never stay centralize. McShane calls of the night and blows off some steam at the precinct's training room. A few of the officers mock McShane because of the assignment that Gordon has given him. Fortunately, there was one reporter named Jimmy Blotter who could help in and drawing out Catwoman.  
According to Jimmy, Catwoman has mostly been sited in the East End of Gotham. McShane decides to give Jimmy a story that will cause Catwoman to panic and react. McShane recalls that the golden Anunaki dollhouse was Catwoman's first big theft in Gotham. McShane tells Jimmy that he knows location of where the dollhouse is and once he finds the fingerprints, he will know who Catwoman is.        

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