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An Infamous criminal known as "The Kinq of Thieves," the giant albino elf named Morachi was known across the continent as a fair and honorable thief.Those under his watch were blessed, though becoming his enemy was akin to suicide. Over a thousand years old, Morachi had plenty of time to hone his skills. He could wander through the most protected buildings without making a sound or being seen, and always researched and planned his robberies for weeks beforehand. Well-traveled and highly connected, Morachi and his younger brother Talon had befriended the world s most influential people during their travels. All governments benefit from clandestine operations and gathering intelligence. Morachi, a secret High Council member, long provided this necessary aid with his criminal ties. In exchange for Information from his contacts, the notorious thief's crimes were overlooked (explaining how the most public villain never served jail time). Also. Morachi was in a position to eradicate records against those In Sanctuary's employ. Some High Council members were genuinely unaware of his occupation, while others remained purposely ignorant. Mogre-Ur, the organization's head, considered the King of Thieves an invaluable member.

When Morachi and Talon prosecuted against Lusiphur in guild court, the master thief suffered bullet wounds to his kneecaps in the ensuing chaos. With no healer present, the wounded Guildmaster turned to an inept ex-surgeon and pick-pocket, Gideon for help. The resulting botched surgery left him chair-bound, Infected with gangrene. When Talon later died by Luse's hand, a vengeful Morachi commanded Widowmaker's release from his dungeon. Fearing the monsters wrath, the remaining guild members revolted. When the dust cleared, Morachi remained alone Inside the Sanctuary church, a building doomed to cross dimensions endlessly at mind- blowing speed. In all likelihood, the King of Thieves has succumbed to insanity and taken his own life.

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