Moon Knight's 200th Issue

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After seeing that Nova #100 is out soon, I was curious where Moon Knight stands on a continuous numbering system. If you count all his series, mini-series, and one-shots (which it seems are included in Nova's tally), then he has 175 issues. This means that if the upcoming series can reach #25, it will be technically be Moon Knight #200! Pretty cool, hey?

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Can you show how you came to 175?

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@irishx: Yes... but it's 2am here and I'm just about the hit the hay, so it will have to wait about 8hrs :)

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Cool. I did a quick look myself and came up with 140 so I was wondering what those other 35 issues were.

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Well, if the new series will be succesfull (I really hope so) we might even have... shall I dare to supose? 250 issues!

But that's barely hapening. 200 will be cool whatsoever.

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@danial79: Awesome. I knew I was missing something. Thanks for the breakdown.

Looks like MK will have more support than ever with this upcoming series. Despite how I know you feel about the Bendis/Maleev series it did create many new MK fans. Now you have those who've been a fan of his for a while with some new ones. Hopefully it shows with the sales though.

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