Curious Connection?

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I'm reading the 1980 Moon Knight series at the moment and I just finished The Moon Kings/Night of The Wolves, in which a terrorist puts a toxin into the Chicago water supply causing all the people to become insane. This instantly made me think of Batman Begins, and got me wondering, was there a Batman arc that used this plot device pre-1981, possibly one that Batman Begins used as inspiration?

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Well there was the Man Who Laughs (first appearance of Joker) and A Death In the Family for Joker poisoning the water supply, but neither one is pre-1981. Man Who Laughs is 2005 and Death is 1988.

I can't think of any other Batman villain who pulled that stunt though....

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@Veshark A Twitter friend mentioned that Scarecrow poisoned the water supply in BTAS, but no one could think of any pre-'81 occurrences on there either.
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Hmm....strange. I can't say for certain that MK is the first character to have this trope, but he very well might have done it before Batman...

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@Veshark: Yeah, poisoning the water supply is nothing new, but it was specifically the insanity toxin affecting an entire city via this method that had me wondering.

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