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While looking through some old back issues at my comic book store, I came across something very interesting for a Moon Knight fan like myself. It was a Werewolf by Night issue from the 1970s series that featured Moon Knight on the cover, attacking Jack Russell in his werewolf form. Now, I (just as well as any true Moon Knight fan) know that MK made his comic book debut in a two-parter in Werewolf by Night #32-33, and since I (just as well as any true Moon Knight fan) already have those issues, I was tempted to put the issue aside and continue looking for other things. However, upon closer examination of the cover I noticed that there were other villains on the cover that I did not recall being in the issues of MK's debut and saw that the issue was #37. I quickly thought to myself, "I didn't know that MK made another appearance in this title, and it doesn't make a lot of sense that he'd be teaming up with other villains to attack Russell when just five issues ago he helped him put a beatdown on the Committee." I of course purchased the comic so that I could find out what exactly was going on. Come to find out, it wasn't the real Moon Knight, but rather some sort of magical construct created by the villain of the issue. To further add to my disappointment, there is a pretty nasty tear over an inch long through the top of the book (maybe the previous owner was upset that it wasn't the real Moon Knight, and began to take out his anger on the book by ripping it in half before realizing that he could sell it). Nevertheless, it was still well worth the 38 cents I paid for it. Here are some scans from the issue (I've done all the scenes where "MK" appears).

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I think it's still a cool find. What other Moon Knight fan is going to have that one issue with the fake Moon Knight? It distinguishes you from the others.

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@Renchamp: Thanks. But don't get me wrong, I'm super glad I found it. And even if I knew it was a fake MK, I still would've bought it.

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