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A man in a red robe and hood, calling himself Zohar, sits next the the body of Marc's father, speaking of how he will cleans the world. Meanwhile, Moon Knight finds the man who hired the gang of vandals. The lead is a dead end and he is resigned to leave it in the hands of the police. At Marc's father's home, Marlene is helping pack up his belongings when Zohar breaks in, firing an energy blast at Marlene. She survives, telling Marc of what happened, and they notice that Zohar took several manuscripts. Marc realizes there is a connection and decides he must take things into his own hands. They talk to a professor at the seminary before Marc leaves for a meeting with Rabbi Davis. When Marc arrives for the meeting, Zohar appears and attacks him. He thinks he has taken care of Marc and leaves for the seminary. Marc survived, however, and takes chase as Moon Knight. Realising that Zohar is Rabbi Davis, he heads straight for Davis' house, and finds him there with his father's body. Moon Knight gets the upper hand on Zohar, but just as he does, his father rises and attacks him. Paralysed with guilt and fear, he cannot fight back. Luckily, Marlene arrives with the knowledge of how to stop him. The next day, Marc and Marlene return to New York.







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