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Overview“THE DEATH OF MARC SPECTOR,” PART 3 Norman Osborn and the Thunderbolts have been tapped to bring in the fugitive Moon Knight -- by all means necessary -- and so far they’ve been left empty-handed. But Norman’s got a foolproof plan to flush out his prey. He’s got the numbers and the element of surprise, but what he doesn’t know is that Moon Knight is not alone. Summary

Norman Osborn is angry, and when Norman Osborn finds someone to be angered at he finds a way to deal with it. And in this case its exterminating Moon Knight, hiring a gang of thugs they set out for Moon Knight by going through the people he knows. Finding Frenchie and laying out some hurt on both of them, but Frenchie was enough for the Hooligans as after a short scuffle he wins an they escape. But in the altercation his best friend is sent into the hospital

Vowing vengeance he finds their hide out an lays down the hurt only to be saved by Moon Knight. But in the end will it be Moon Knight who will need the saving?

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