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This issue contains six stories:

"The Burning Man" - A one-page "Believe It or Not"-type story about a flaming apparition seen in 12th Century Germany.

Frankenstein 1974: "A Tale of Two Monsters!" -

"The Monster in the Mist!" - a reprint story

"Bleeding Stones" -

Werewolf by Night: "Madness Under a Mid-Summer Moon" - In this prose story, the second of two parts, Colden House, the apartment building where Jack Russell lives, has been taken over by a motorcycle gang, and all the tenants are being held in the lobby. As Jack desperately tries to devise a way out before he again becomes the Werewolf, the bikers inflict a beating upon Raymond Coker, Jack's neighbor, then dump him on the lobby floor. Evening approaches, when Kingston, the gang leader singles out Jack and Coker, and has his bikers drag them down to the beach. While the biker, Boxer, and Coker are some distance away, Kingston prepares to beat Jack with his chain, but the moon rises and Jack transforms. They fight, and the biker holds his own, managing to beat the man-beast into unconsciousness. But before he can do any more, Kingston sees Boxer has been killed by another Werewolf and he screams. The next morning, Coker has lead the police to the awakening Jack and the two corpses, telling them some beast attacked the four of them, killing the thugs, while the rest of the gang sped away. [Note: This story and its previous part last issue fit best between pages 8 & 9 of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #17.]

"Blind Man's Bluff!" -

This issue also contains two articles.

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