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Brief History

The second Mongu was a warrior from the dimension of Sandt. He was an opponent for Man-Thing. He possesses superhuman strength, able to lift c. 50 tons. At first  he was very self-confident, then he realized his axe could not kill the Man-Thing. He grew scared and became a victium of Man-Thing`s burning touch .
Those who know Fear burn at the Man-Thing`s Touch!
Those who know Fear burn at the Man-Thing`s Touch!

This cause Mongu hand to be fused with his Axe. He later became an agent of the Maha Yogi and has faced Hulk and the Avengers for his employer. Maha Yogi had enhanced Mongu's strenght(by giving him the Jewel of Jeopardy :a bloodstone ) to the point of holding his own against the Hulk, able to lift c. 100 tons.

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