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Raising a Hero

A life cut short
A life cut short

Moira's marriage to Robert Queen was anything but smooth sailing, as she would come to recognize her husband's various affairs. She never let on to her son Ollie that there were any problems, trying to remain strong for him. Her life would tragically be cut short while on a family trip to Africa where a pride of lions killed her and Robert, in front of Ollie's eyes. This event would prove pivotal in Ollie creating the mantle of Green Arrow.

Lady of the Forest

Ghost in the forest
Ghost in the forest

With Ollie being exiled from Star City after the murder of Prometheus, he takes refuge in the mysterious forest created by the Entity during Brightest Day. Among many mysteries of the forest, one day Ollie finds a mysterious woman walking through his forest. He confronts the woman and comes to find that it is the ghost of his mother, Moira. Moira tries to comfort her son, and encourages him not to push away those he loves. She reminds Ollie that despite all that has happened, when all is said and done, he's a good man, needs to forgive himself, and needs to start believing in himself. With Ollie making peace with his mother, she disappears back into the mysterious forest.

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Moira Queen is portrayed by Susanna Thompson in The CW'S Arrow

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