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Sir Mixyezpitelik is a vowelled Knight of Order in his home dimension and frequent foe of the Anti-Matter Kryptonian Ultraman.



Mixyezpitelik's powers seem based in high-level magic similar to Mr. Mxyztplk of Earth-Two.  He is unlike the Mr. Mxyzptlk of New Earth who does seem unlimited in use of his powers and abilities.  He specifically states his powers are magical in origin and that he is aware of the "madcap imp" of which Superman is more familiar.


Mixyezpitelik is affected by the positive matter universe negatively.  The longer he remains in the universe, the more he acts like his counterpart of that universe.  This is a concept originally brought up in Crisis on Infinite Earths as superheroes traversing into the anti-matter universe were warned their powers would be affected differently in the alternate universe.

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