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Yana is a teenage boy from Mushiyori City, who upon Sensui opening a portal between Human and Demon Realm gained the psychic ability to copy another person's appearance and memories through a simple touch.He however was not the only one as two of his friends Yu Kaito and Asato Kido also developed their on unique psychic abilities, and sought out the legendary psychic Genkai after Kaito lost his own soul as a result of his power.She then enlists the three boys to teach a lesson in perception to Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara,Kurama and Hiei. The three challenge Yusuke to a fight, but he is captured due to his underestimating the three due to believing them to be just human, they then use him to draw Kuwbara, Kurama,Hiei and Botan to an old mansion to rescue him.Once the group arrived at the mansion he and Kaito were given the objective of stopping the groups progress,but Kaito was defeated as the group was forced into Yana's section of the house. He then had them each take a different stairwell,during which he captured Kuwabara and assumed his form. Once to Yusuke Kido gave him to ultimatum to choose which of his friends was secretly Yana, during which Yusuke guessed correctly knocking him out by assuming if he was wrong Kuwabara was used to his punches.

Yana was later part of the group that went to Mushiyori City, where his powers prove valuable in judging the intentions of mind reader Mutora.He is later infected by Sensui Seven member Doctor, however proves his worth by despite being near death assumes the form of a nurse and throws acid into Doctor's face,giving Yusuke a free shot to kill the Doctor.However he is delivered a fairly serious blow from the Doctor's psychic scalpel in return, however the wound is quickly healed by Botan.He is then part of the team that heads to stop the Sensui Seven's plans, joining the group that infiltrated the territory of the GameMaster.Following the death of GameMaster,he returned to the mouth of the cave alongside Genkai and Kaito to resume standing guard.Following Yusuke and his allies defeat of Sensui he returns to a normal life, and after a warning from Genkai never uses his psychic powers again.

Powers and Abilities

Yana is a psychic with the ability to take on any other human's appearance and memories by simply touching their head.

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