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 Mitsuko Souma
 Mitsuko Souma
Mitsuko Souma is a fictional character in the novel Battle Royale and its manga and film adaptations. In the English language manga she is nicknamed Mitsu, Mi-chan and "Hardcore" Souma. Mitsuko is the second most dangerous person on the island next to Kazuo Kiriyama. She killed a total of eight people. She was officially designated Shiroiwa Junior High School, 9th Grade, Class B.,  Girl #11. Mitsuko has blood type A. 


 Kou Shibasaki
 Kou Shibasaki
Mitsuko as a teenager is portrayed Kou Shibasaki in the film; the young Mitsuko in the flashback is played by Suzuka Tonegawa.

Powers And Abilities

  • Mitsuko was devious, cunning, manipulative, and cruel. She did whatever it took to kill her fellow classmates, and did so with malevolent glee. Mitsuko was an athletic teenage girl with no known superhuman abilities. She demonstrated knowledge of the use of a pistol, as well as a sickle.

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