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Mister Jyn is a magical creature, a Trickster and Master of Deception posing as a genie.
On a cold December night, Harold Pruitt was walking alone in the snow. His wife had left him for another man, his employer had made him redundant and he was facing eviction from his apartment. Then he discovered a credit card, actually a magical artifact summoning Jyn. He could now magically withdraw money from automated telling machines without needing to have an active bank account. In exchange Jyn demanded a full summoning ritual. 
Once summoned, Jyn used a scrying pool to locate potential threats to his person. The images of Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider/Daniel Ketch and Quasar immediately appeared. Thankfully, none of the three had detected his presence yet and Jyn hoped to keep it this way. The fourth threat was one Rick Sheridan. Seeming a much weaker opponent, Jyn decided to face him soon.
While a minor spell caused "psychic erosion" to Rick, Jyn helped Pruitt start blackmailing his former boss. Meanwhile Sleepwalker had been alerted and begun looking for the one attacking Rick. Jyn demonstrated an ability to creatively interpret wishes. Pruitt wanted him to end the relationship between his wife and her new boyfriend. Meaning breaking them up. Instead Jyn set out to murder the boyfriend. 
Jyn had started killing the man when confronted by Sleepy. Jyn immediately recognized what he was facing, though noting they were far from the Mindscape. His powers quickly gave him an edge over his opponent. But Sleepwalker convinced Pruitt Jyn was much more dangerous than he seemed. Convincing the man to severe ties with Jyn. Jyn assumed a stereotypically demonic form before Sleepy severed his ties with Earth and exiled him back to where he came from.
Shortly after, Jyn's card was seen discovered by another man implying the story was not over yet.

Powers and Abilities

 Jyn could shapeshift between a human-like form and a demonic one. Uncertain if either of the two is his true form or if he even has a true form. He had magical abilities, drawing them from the Earth dimension itself. He could alter reality, create matter, generate illusions, turn invisible, assume a gaseous form, fly, create whirlwinds, etc.
He used a scrying field to locate potential threats for himself. He could separate small parts of himself (like cells) and turn them into mindmites, beings causing psychic erosion to the minds of victims. He wielded a unknown green energy to attack and bind others. He could manipulate the elements.
His human form was giant-like. He demonstrated enhanced human agility and strength, able to lift about 1 ton. His endurance was vast.

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