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Missile Man accidently realized he had superpowers when he was trying to hop a train and felt. He became a superhero like a lot of people with superhuman powers. The next day after Pearl Harbor was bombed he went to the army and quickly became one of the many heroes fighting for the war effort. He along with other heroes worked together to stop the Nazis and even got a medal for his actions on "V-E"day. After the Daemonite ship crashed the US government used the tech to imprison superheroes and supervillains.
They where being stockpiled to one-day fight when the world ended. Missile Man was didn't approve and was made apart of the program too. Years later after the others where freed he along with others entered the now dead world. However, later he meets a member of the Paladins who tells him they are going after the people who made the program and he joins.


Missile Man can fly and is very durable.

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