Mysteries Surrounding Miss Martian

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Hi everyone, I'm relatively new around here but I adore DC comics and have taken an interest in Miss Martian and the other Titans.  I was curious about a few things though...
1)  If Miss Martian is actually a white martian who originally masqueraded as a green martian, how did she get to earth in the first place and why is she so friendly compared to the rest of her aggressive warrior race?
2)  Are there any other white martians left alive in the universe besides Miss Martian or is she the last of her kind just like the Martian Manhunter?

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you should read brightest day they are dealing with martians your first question i'm not sure I am not the for most expert on martians
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1) According to her, she was sent away from Mars by her parents to the Vegan System during the Martian civil war and came to Earth after hearing about another Green Martian. How true this is given the obvious parallel to Superman and the fact that everyone thought she was a Green remains to be seen. 
2) Yes. In the Martian Manhunter mini from 2007, there is a White Martian left who J'onn has befriended called Till'All.

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A question of my own:
Has there been any interraction between Miss Martian (which I only followed in Teen Titans) and the Martian Manhunter himself?
I recall J'onn dying around the time she appeard first, right? So, no interraction between those 2 martians?

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@Eyz: I think she had been around a little while before J'onn's death. They're together in the Brightest Day #7. I think that's the first time in comics, I can't recall them meeting prior to that, though they do appear to know each other.
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In #7, huh?
Cool! I can't wait to check that out~
I hope they interract nicely^^
Finally, J'onn's meeting this other friendly martian!

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@Cosmic Sentinel:    I wonder if J'onn at first took offense to a white martian posing as a green martian...Though if he got along well with other white martians already then it shouldn't really be a problem. 
And thanks for the info Sentinel, I wonder if M'gann will ever meet Till'all
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I believe that there was a mention of some of the White Martians being in the "custody" of the US govenrment ( two of which may or may not have been her parents)   I think it was in the second Titans tomorrow story arc in Teen Titans. The conversation was between Miss Martian and her future self. 

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I know there are a number of White Martians imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. They tried to take over the Earth a couple years ago and make it a new stronghold and change the atmosphere so combustion would be impossible to take away their one vulnerability. The Justice League fought them on the moon and actually pulled the moon into Earth's atmosphere to burn them and make them retreat to the Phantom Zone. I guess they're still there.

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Putting one and one seems that Miss Martian is in fact the white martian from the 3rd Martian Manhunter (mini)series.
Just check out the details...M'gann first appear in an issue of Teen Titans from the same month as the beginning of his 2007(?) miniseries. She appeared for real and joined the team as the mini ended.
The mini series had J'onn fight Green Martian only to find they were White Martian brainwashed by the evil Green Martian girl (don't remember her name). In the end only one White Martian survived and J'onn brought him/her to the JLA to introduce him/her and plan what to do next. 

And Miss Martian appeared from nowhere in Teen Titans by (continuity master Geoff Johns).
I'm sure they had plan from the start the story of the Martian Manhuner vol.3 mini.
As Geoff probably had plans for M'gann since day one (as is his style of writing).
One white martian introduced in a book + another one who appeared from nowhere = the same martian!

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