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When her grandfather died she was left alone and made money by chicken farming. all that she had of him was a wok and eto gun. When she rescued priest named baskervile she ready to be kill by a bandit. After subdueing her by using her eto gun, which had no idea of its powers, she call forth a dual by the bandits brother. If she did not appear in the dual the bandit would destroy the town. her grandfather went into her dreams to tell her how to use the eto gun. After winning the dual she left from home with baskervile to seek fame.

Durring her journey she made friends with several people such as benkate. when she heard that the eto gun one part of two guns she and her friends traveled to rocky mountains to seek it.


She can be overly quirky when being confident and highly craves food.She is known consume everything including alcohol. She is known to do tantrums when not getting what she wants. She also has a terrible treatment to animals. She adores elderly as they reminded her of her grand father

Death phobia

Anytime she sees death she is send in to total shock. She blame herself she see some dies. Because of this

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