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In 1958, the Mindbugs were created by the Yellow Claw as a radical new weapon to conquer the world. Native to Cuba, the sudden emergence of a new species led to a military team being sent in to investigate. The entire team were slaughtered, except for a soldier called Hendricks, who became host to one of the Mindbugs and became the de-facto voice of the Mindbugs.


The Mindbugs were created by Jeff Parker and Benton Jew.

Team Evolution

The Mindbugs haven't appeared since Agents of Atlas, although they potentially still remain active to this day.

Major Story Arcs

Agents of Atlas

The Agents of Atlas (Jimmy Woo, Gorilla-Man, M-11, Marvel Boy and Venus) were eventually sent to Cuba to investigate a new weapon created by their arch-enemy the Yellow Claw. They encountered the mutant Wolverine, who was searching for the missing military team, and when Jimmy Woo was attacked by a Mindbug, Wolverine saved him.

Atlas and Wolverine teamed up, realizing they were on similar missions, and were eventually faced with Hendricks who led them into a trap set by the Mindbugs. A fight broke out as the Mindbugs attempted to attach themselves to the heroes. Wolverine mercifully killed Hendricks and M-11 incinerated the horde.

The heroes went on their separate ways, believing the threat of the Mindbugs was over with, but unbeknownst to them, there were more Mindbugs who had already attached themselves to several Cuban revolutionaries.

Powers and Abilities

The Mindbugs are a bug species which range in size from a standard sized bug to a gigantic size. They take full control over a host by attaching themselves to a human's cortex and delivering a protein sequence to the host's brain. The Mindbugs control over a host is permanent and cannot be reversed. The level of intelligence or motivation of the Mindbugs isn't revealed, although they were shown as possessing enough knowledge to trick people. Their motivations are presumably aligned to Yellow Claw's quest for world domination, and their will is perhaps that of Yellow Claw himself.

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