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A flatline still counts. Preparation is EVERYTHING!

The final part of NEMESIS' story, but is it really the end?

The Good

Flatline still counts.
Flatline still counts.

All the issues are epic, but this one is the best! However, I think it's because of how Millar weaves and tells the tale of Nemesis that eventually builds up and makes this last issue of volume 1 so awesome! Everything ends here, and it couldn't have ended anyway better!

We get closure for Nemesis and Blake in two different ways. Ways that I will not spoil cause this series is just too great to spoil for you. Even though it is 4 years old and I could do that. Mark Millar outdid himself with both characters, because we had two characters that were different in each and opposite way. Granted, Nemesis is a super criminal that is likable on many levels solely because he's a villain, plays by his own rules, and causes chaos -- but we have Blake who is the pinnacle of justice. The two are opposite, yes, but because of how different they are they mix extremely well. This series would've not been as successful as it was without both Nemesis and Blake. It showed us readers in great detail how two forces on the side of good and evil will do everything in their power to either; stop corruption or control it. A concept that isn't explored much in comics.

The artwork by McNiven is superb! He illustrated the way of this first volume. From the overly violent interior art scenes to the subtle emotional facial expressions, Steve McNiven did a great job and I hope to see him return for volume 2. As he is co-creator and without him on this title it'd be weird -- it'd be like trying to make sandwich without bread.

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

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So this is the end of the Nemesis vol. 1. It ended with a literal *bang* and it was extremely enjoyable to read and review this series! It's been 4 years and we are still waiting for volume 2 of the series. However, good things come to those who wait 4 years and counting am I right? Millar and McNiven did an outstanding job on this series and gave it 100% from both the writing and artists side of the jobs. They created a world where super villains, or super criminals, are different and extremely unique from the mainstream version of villains. Which is great. What Millar revealed in this last issue is the grounds for an entire world of super criminal stories that can be looked at in the future. The only question is, "are you bored enough to tag along for the future?" Overall 5 out of 5!

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