New 'Ultimate Spider-Man' Art: Miles Morales Character Study

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You can ask any comic book creator and they will probably agree that one of the coolest things about writing a new series is getting to create new characters. What will he or she be like? What will be the driving characteristics that will lead him/her to pursue their ultimate goals? Will they be funny? Ambitious? Tortured? A practical joker?

The creative team doesn't only need to conjure up an origin story for the new character that will stimulate their reader base, they also need to develop a vision for what the character will look like, and realize that what they wear will be something of a reflection of who they are. If race, for example, is a subject of focus for the character, then the creative team should reflect that through the art and dialogue, as well.

== TEASER ==

Sometimes the responsibility of the character design is split between both the series' writer and its artists. Other times it's left entirely up to the book's artist to determine how the character should be artistically portrayed. In fact, the character design isn't something we usually consider when we read a comic book. How do elements of the character's costume and overall design play into the character itself? Generally, a lot of thought goes into character design. Take for example, artist Sara Pichelli's character sketches for the new Ultimate Spider-Man starring Miles Morales. The initial concept art for Morales' character needed to encompass a variety of different characteristics. Does Morales have a lot of self esteem? What does his personal style say about his character? Marvel recently published some of Sara's concept art (which is fantastic, by the way) to give fans a closer look at the kind of character Morales is in the Ultimate Spider-Man book.

The image below if the first character sketch for Miles, before Bendis decided to make him younger.

“In this pic Miles looks older, because the first idea was to have the new hero the same age of Peter Parker, but then we changed our mind, so this could be his older brother! What a pity—he was hot I think. Nice coat [by the way], don't you think?”

Not only does Pichelli portray Miles as much older, but she also gives two examples of how a character's posture can be very revealing. While he's seemingly proud in one pose, he's also slouching and depressed in another.

Another aspect of figuring out who the character really is are concept designs of what he would do on his day off. Does he head to the library to hit the books, or does he go skateboarding down in the park?

“At one point I decided to give Miles a dog; please don't ask—there was no reason to do it but I just liked the idea. Jokes aside I was trying to figure his personality out.”

The image of Bendis' new 'Spidey' with his pet dog and his skateboard are also very revealing. It says a lot about the way Pitchelli sees the character as well as what some of his extra-curricular activities might be.

Pichelli's most interesting character designs are those of Miles as a 12-14 year old boy and the images where she experiments with his different hairstyles. Pichelli's character study of Miles Morales is very interesting, more-so because it's so obvious how much thought she put into the physical characteristics of Morales that are pertinent to the character's race. Sometimes in comics we will see Asian characters or black characters, but notice that the character designs lack certain attributes that are relevant or applicable to the characters' race. Storm doesn't always look as African American as she should.

Pichelli takes a lot of time and a great deal of thought to creating Morales to be as part black, part hispanic as possible, and it's great. Be sure to check out the rest Sara Pichelli's character designs of Miles Morales and let us know what you think. Be on the look out for the all new Ultimate Spider-Man starring Miles as the new Spidey on September 14th!

Source: Marvel

#1 Posted by cattlebattle (14967 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it, its awesomeness lies in its simplicity

#2 Edited by _jackbauer (180 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the cover to the new ultimate spiderman much more than these concepts.

#3 Posted by RedK (2541 posts) - - Show Bio

like the Spider-suit in the top right and bottom left, can't wait for the new series to start

#4 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

looks awesome ! 

#5 Posted by cdeoleo (142 posts) - - Show Bio

I really like her as an artist and always visit her blog. Can not wait to see her work on the new spidey book. i think I will enjoy!

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I don't think it would have been so bad if they decided that the new Spider-man wasn't going to try and be funny.
Different person different personality.

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Pretty excited Miles Morales' premier and the sketches are great....but after seeing the suit sketches I find myself digging the top and bottom left suits. Miles' suit needs more red or something but the final is still pretty cool.

#8 Posted by Joe Venom (1290 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the dread's look, total thumbs up!

#9 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (44564 posts) - - Show Bio

Ya know what, I might just extend my one marvel book quota and pic this up as well

#10 Posted by primepower53 (6064 posts) - - Show Bio

#11 Posted by The Stegman (33861 posts) - - Show Bio

ugh, i don't know why, but i just don't like the kid..he looks like a punk

#12 Posted by Sanderkatz (5 posts) - - Show Bio

So cool. The sleek black from the symbiote suit meets the classic suit's webbing design. 

#13 Posted by zmanm407 (142 posts) - - Show Bio

I love her artwork! 
Especially the concept of Miles with his dog and skateboard

#14 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5185 posts) - - Show Bio

His hair being shorter makes more sense. The one thing my friend complains about is his cornrows interfering with hats, balloons and the wrestling masks we wore when we got drunk. Although, I don't particularly like the shorter sides. The new costume looks a little more unique than the conceptualized costume Miles Morales seems to be wearing from the start.

#15 Posted by NightFang3 (11682 posts) - - Show Bio


#16 Posted by guardiandevil801 (400 posts) - - Show Bio


#17 Posted by harleyquinn12 (1853 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh how I love Sara Pichelli.
#18 Posted by themanwoaname (32 posts) - - Show Bio

im glad they didnt go with the corn rows. that way, it's not 100% racist.

#19 Posted by lastdrag0n89 (609 posts) - - Show Bio
@themanwoaname: It wouldnt have been racists. Just out of style. When was the last time youve seen anyone w corn rows?
#20 Posted by Clue_ (455 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Stegman said:
ugh, i don't know why, but i just don't like the kid..he looks like a punk
@lastdrag0n89 said:
@themanwoaname: It wouldnt have been racists. Just out of style. When was the last time youve seen anyone w corn rows?
#21 Posted by iaconpoint (1409 posts) - - Show Bio

I love all the fake excitement but this book is going to tank fast I'll wager. Peter Parker is Spider-Man, black, Hispanic or a forced combination of the two. Not even Ben Reilly or Miguel O'Hara lasted more than a few years and one was a clone while the other was a true bad-ass. Nope. This won't work.

#22 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5185 posts) - - Show Bio

@iaconpoint: None of the Ultimate characters have come back, and neither will the nineties haircut Peter Parker. Spider-Man 2099 wasn't a replacement for Spider-Man.

#23 Posted by Owie (5806 posts) - - Show Bio

It may or may not work in the long term, but they're going to get my money, which is a first for the ultimate universe.
Nice art.  I think Marvel has a number of understated artists with loose styles that they've used to good effect.

#24 Posted by iaconpoint (1409 posts) - - Show Bio
@sesquipedalophobe: Ummmmm, o.. ok?... ?
#25 Posted by Duo_forbidden (1815 posts) - - Show Bio
@sesquipedalophobe: Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Nightcrawler (hasn't appear but was confirmed) would like a word with you. Those three have come back.  
I love Sara Pinchelli's artwork. Deciding to make him younger than Peter is an interesting move.
#26 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5185 posts) - - Show Bio

@Owie: The art does look pretty good. When the first Ultimate Spider-Man came out he looked a bit like a girl. The comic industry has been pretty swing and miss lately. There is really no telling how long a character has, unless he's boring Captain America/Daredevil and fans eat him up like cherry cobbler.

#27 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5185 posts) - - Show Bio

@Duo_forbidden: Ugh, they have? Nightcrawler is amazing, but I never understood the point of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

#28 Posted by The Stegman (33861 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Stegman said: 

ugh, i don't know why, but i just don't like the kid..he looks like a punk
, nah, it's the baggy pants and bulldog that make me uneasy about him
#29 Posted by speedstermike (24 posts) - - Show Bio

so he's gay too man i hate marvel their so being racist and weird they just want more customers

#30 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

The one with the segmented hair style makes me think of Riley Freeman from The Boondocks. I swear... I would have lost massive respect for Miles Morales had they gone that route, lol.  Good to see they're giving him a normal haircut.

#31 Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic (410 posts) - - Show Bio
@lastdrag0n89 said:
@themanwoaname: It wouldnt have been racists. Just out of style. When was the last time youve seen anyone w corn rows?
Do white people count? Because, sadly, I still see them wearing tragically bad corn rows from time to time. (I'm white, by the way)
#32 Posted by MSBoyd23 (162 posts) - - Show Bio
@sesquipedalophobe: Gwen Stacey came back.
#33 Posted by Fantasgasmic (1092 posts) - - Show Bio

He's supposed to be 12 to 14?! 
Looks more like a scrawny 16 to 19 year old in the preview pages. That may be because I'm thinking of Peter, but I definitely think he's too tall for 14 though.

#34 Posted by noj (1400 posts) - - Show Bio

Is it confirmed how young Miles is going to be, cause 12-14 seems WAY too young

#35 Posted by lady_sinestro (12 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the look of Miles. xD I think it'll be an interesting new story line. Not that I've ever been that into spiderman, but still. xD
I think the suit could use more red, though. >>

#36 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (15935 posts) - - Show Bio

im so behind on ultimate spider-man its not even funny. i stopped readding RIGHT before ultimatum.........i need to catch up. i'll try to get the first arc or 2 of Miles' run to get a gauge of his character but if i dont like him ill drop it. 
i love his costume though. its great i wonder if it'll be in Spider-Man:Edge of time or UMVC3.
#37 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't see the Spanish in him at all.

#38 Posted by ltbrd (699 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the design of both Miles and the suit because it allows the character to stand-out on his own away from the look Peter had. I loved how in Ultimate Fallout #4 everyone was getting on him for being in a copy costume and even by the end he admitted that it was a bad idea. So going to the new look is a great way to both honor the former and do his own thing.  
Hoping some of the early concept art ideas make it into the character because it would be interesting to have a more outgoing Spider-Man than Parker was. This would also contrast nicely on the way Miles fights. Peter was a talker and joker because in his role as Spider-Man he could freely express himself and it helped with his fears in battle. Since Miles may already be a more outgoing character it will be interesting to see if Bendis makes him a more silent fighter (all of his dialog in UF #4 was to himself or normal people, he didn't really say anything to Kangaroo) to go along with the look.....making people think he's older than what he is whereas everyone could guess Peter was a kid or at least acted like one from the way he talked. 
Betting time on the sudden emergence of Spider-Man powers in Miles. For me I'm going with a more mystical theme than the scientific origin of Peter......basically a earth-1610 spin on how Anya got her powers. Taking Miles diverse heritage into account Miles could come from a line that worshipped the spider as its totem animal and he's been granted these powers because of Peter's death.
#39 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5185 posts) - - Show Bio

@MSBoyd23: The clone?

#40 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10910 posts) - - Show Bio

i am excited to see more from this character

#41 Posted by mistersarcastic (349 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty cool. Dunno if it's enough to make me wanna jump right into Ultimate Spider-Man but it definitely looks awesome. And I'm glad they went with the fade for his hairstyle instead

#42 Posted by deadpool2099 (44 posts) - - Show Bio

They should get back to the roots of what made spiderman enjoyable and that's making him a practical joker... the way he's been lately is a complete "oh how come everything can't just go my way boo hoo hoo hoo with great power comes great responsibility bleh blah wah blah waaaaaaaaaaah" i think everyone would prefer a wise cracking spiderman to one that's a giant buzzkill
#43 Posted by GBrutality (202 posts) - - Show Bio

first off, storm grew up in cairo i thought? egypt may be in africa, but that's being egyptian. sort of like how india is in asia but how their people are called indian and not asian. 
some things feel forced for this character and his race as well. someone said they don't see his hispanic side at all, and they're right. wanna know how you're supposed to know though? because of those colors on his skateboard! oh, man, that's so much pride! 
spider-man was never supposed to be about any of this. i think some people, and some may not agree with me and that's totally fine, get mad about race, especially in a scenario like this, because it gets played up so much. almost to a gimmicky extent, and that's not fair. maybe the book will be good, who knows right now. 
however, i said sometime ago somewhere on here, and saw someone with the same idea say it in a write-up yesterday, that maybe nick fury just has peter's body on ice and will figure out  a way. shit, i wouldn't mind if they did that and he just let miles be spider-man. it wouldn't last but it'd be cool while it did. they bring people back in this universe too, it's just usually really useless characters like quicksilver, scarlet witch or nightcrawler. beast died, like, three times!
i'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, it's just wrong to me how they try to shoehorn a character, who could be great, into a role of a character that is iconic and the big differences or bullet points they use are their age or their race or their sex. and they do it almost immediately after said iconic character has died, so no time has passed for people to rise up and say "we need a spider-man".  it just always feels like an excuse for change just for change.

#44 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

@GBrutality said:

first off, storm grew up in cairo i thought? egypt may be in africa, but that's being egyptian.

Egypt is in Africa.

#45 Posted by growup (571 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll give this comic a shot, ultimate spider-man was my favorite character ever.
#46 Posted by Maki_P (294 posts) - - Show Bio

I like both the ones at the left. The same costume only in black carries too many negative connotations (Remember Zack and Trini?)

#47 Posted by Osiris1428 (1424 posts) - - Show Bio

IMHO, this is the best 'Spider-Man' costume ever!!! I really like it. I kind of wanted the Riely from 'The Boondocks' look. But, it's cool. BTW, at the end of Ultimate Fallout #4 you have someone saying the world is about to find out that the government created mutants. In Ultimate X, they were talking about how the SSS lead to how mutants came about. I'm assuming that all of that has something to do with how MM got his powers. I bet Nick Fury has something to do with Miles. And they haven't revealed what connection Miles has to Peter yet. They keep hinting at it. I wonder what it is. Guess I'll be finding out in September.

#48 Posted by Maki_P (294 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gambit1024 said:
I don't see the Spanish in him at all.
He's Hispanic not Spanish, I doubt any member of his family has ever been to Europe (not that it's not possible, we'll have to wait for the comic). Besides there are black people in Latin America; I've seen them, they look like the ones on TV (sorry, there aren't that many black persons where I live)
#49 Posted by labarith (730 posts) - - Show Bio

Is that a Skate Board? 
Is Marvel giving us a (half) black Skateboarder?  How original and contemporary!

#50 Posted by BlackJade (28 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually highly doubt anyone even cares that Morales is black. I think it's just a publicity stunt by Marvel. Ultimates is crazy, but it doesnt even exist, it's just fanfiction. Which sucks because Miles is actually kinda cool, and his costume rocks. It's like they think we've never seen a black superhero before lol who can ever hate Storm? Or Cloak? Or Nick Fury? Or the Patriot? Or Darwin--wait I hate him.

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