Miles Morales: up and coming hero...or Osborns puppet?

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We know osborn worked on this spider with miless' dad. We Know osborn killed the orginal. now if you were a supervillian in the marvelverse wouldnt you want to be sure, that spidey was dead? I think he found out about spidey 2 aka miles, and s trying to orchestrate his life. he got accepted into a school only a select few get in to, he happens to walk down the street and a building is on fire, which of course we all know gobby's abilities include fire manipulation, and third, it isnt like osborn didnt try it once. If you ask me he's trying to make a persnal soldier out of miles. any opinions? of course there are

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Could be he was aware of peter when he got bittin so probly has some hand in this

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right? plus its strange he hasnt ascended on miles with hell over his shoulder, being that he made pete into a martyr and there a potential hundreds of others that would follow his example. If I was osborn I'd either try and snuff the spark before it becomes a flame, or use it to cook my own meals.

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I thought Osborn was dead and that he died alongside Pete. I took that last panel of him smirking in issue 160 for him to be content with dying now that he had finally killed Spider-Man. I also think Bendis wouldn't want a lot of classic Spider-Man villains to be used but rather him to create a new gallery of rogues for Miles. I'm surprised Electro was in this new series considering I thought there was no way for him to be alive after Aunt May blew him away with that revolver.

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Interesting theory...It makes sense, actually...

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