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Spider Hero No More!!!

Issue # 4 has nice dialog between the characters. An example is Falcon and Luke talking about how Falcon is his own man and that he don't fallow around Spidy or Cap. We get hints as to who Spider hero maybe. Most readers speculate its Blade because of the trench coat he is sporting around now, fighting skills and mystic knowledge (See Black Panther issue 10-13 to see Cage, Blade and Monica team up). I am in love with this team and the mystery of who the new Ronin is well keep me reading a lone.The Blue Marvel is a member of this team in we get a look at how he still is the champion of the Earth. We see Cage, Jessica and the Power Baby have a warming scene. This book is centered around Attilan falling and transforming Humans into Inhumans. We get to see how having powers has effected the life of a young woman as well. S.H.I.E.LD agents and a corporate spy have a James Bound moment. I like Spider-Man... but you get a harsh vibe almost power drunk from his actions. I almost don't like Superior Spidy. This is a great start to a new story. The Book sets up the world nice and does not feel like its over crowded or jumps around. With a team like this they could rival any Avengers roster. Dont let people tell you this is a book gimmick-minorities. Its quality and fun. Issues 1-3 Have Shuma Gorath and the art work is clear. Pick up this book if you have not started this series START!!!

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