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Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Darick Robertson & Karl Story Cover by Chris Sprouse & Story Writer Brian K. Vaughan (Ex Machina, Pride of BagHdad), and guest artist Darick Robertson (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) deliver an all-out action issue examining the Midnighter's abilities from a unique perspective. He's the man who can anticipate any move to the nth degree - now we get an idea of what that means.

Note: Midnighter 7 is written in reverse order. The last page is first and the first page is last. The meaning for this becomes clear slowly as the story is told (or immediately if read in the correct order).

This issue, like the one before it, is a one shot, not the beginning of a new arc. The story started (ended) with Midnighter kissing Apollo on The Carrier as a house of cards came crashing down around them. Before that, Midnighter had walked into the room, clicked a button that set off an explosion down on Earth and walked up to Apollo and knocked the cards down. Before that, Midnighter had fallen through a Door and into a shuttle bay on the Carrier saying, "I knew that was gonna work." The next page revealed that he had fallen from high in the air above what looked to be a beach. All the while down he had been yelling for a Door. Another step back showed Midnighter flying/falling by two robots commenting on how he had just killed their friend, a scene that came up next. Before that, the three robots had been chasing Midnighter after he had jumped off of a burning building. The building appeared next with it's roof (and a helicopter on it) on fire. Right before he jumped, Midnighter had told the robots (and a woman on the roof of a building) not to follow him. Midnighter had gone to the roof (and the flaming wreckage that was his chopper) after leaving a lower level of the building and was followed by the woman and her three robot guards. Upon seeing his vehicle destroyed, Midnighter had said, "Well, I guess I saw that coming." On his way to the roof, Midnighter had jumped through a hallway filled with fire screaming and cursing and saying he should have killed someone. Before that, he had been choking the same woman that would be on the roof with him later, but he let her live. Before he had started choking the woman, Midnighter took down 10 robots like the ones that chased him off the building. Before that, Midnighter had been standing in front of the robots with he and the woman talking about how he would kill them because they were terrorists while she threatened him. The next page wraps everything up with a little monologue from Midnighter. It reads, "See, I'm one of those jerks who always skips ahead to the last page of a book before he reads it. I find a closing scene I love, then work my way back to the beginning to figure out exactly how it all went down. It's the same way my crazy brain processes every possible outcome for a battle before the first punch is even thrown. So let's cut to the chase, shall we? I've already run through a trillion potential versions of this entire day in my head, including the spectacularly banal conversation we're about to have. And I've settled on the finale that leaves your sick operation toppling like a house of cards...and me making love to my husband."

The final (first page) shows Midnighter alone saying, "Hi, I'm Midnighter. I already know exactly how this story ends."







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