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"There's no place like home...My ass".

Midnighter as he tortures Assassin8 while interrogating him.
Midnighter as he tortures Assassin8 while interrogating him.


Midnighter tortures the hell out of Assassin8 for information on who made the attempt, and manages to do so. Midnighter is a real sick puppy here; he literally takes apart Assaain8’s limbs off and talks to him as a way to intimidate him, though he doesn’t seem to feel any pain. He eventually talks and ask for death, which Midnighter does the opposite. One of the things I’ve notice is that there really isn’t a strong plot in this arc, it’s just fight after fight after fight. I usually don’t mind that - so as long as it‘s good and that doesn‘t drag on, but at times it takes a great or a decent story to keep you interested as well. The art and coloring was neat, but the writing was pretty dull so, like the last few issues, I find myself to breeze through it. Overall, a good read for the pretty pictures, but you may find that “Ordinary People” and “The Hercules Virus” to be more enjoyable.    

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