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Be back in the microverse, the micronauts fights the acroyear warriors and the Karza's soldiers.

Complete summary (with Spoilers)

After his passage in the Prometheus Pitt, the Endeavor comes out of the spacewall in a middle of an acroyear battle-fleet. Their star-craft imprisoned by a tractor beam, the Micronauts are towing to Spartak, planet of the Acroyears. But, instead of being attacked like they thought by the warriors faithful to Prince Shaitan, the heroes and especially Acroyear are saluting.

In fact, the people of Spartak were before thoughtwashed and became the fellowships of Baron Karza and Prince Shaitan. Luckily, the brainwashed was lift three day ago and they placed the traitor in chains, expecting for his judgment.

On homeworld, taking advantage of the absence of Baron Karza, the prince Argon (as Force Commander) and Slug lead the rebellion. Help by the Shadow priests, they swoop down on the Body Banks, symbols of Karza's power.

Karza, him, has detect the return of Commander Rann in the microverse. So, he leads his space fleet to Spartak for capturing the chief of the Micronauts and the champion of the Enigma force. At his arrival , his spacecrafts immediately shoot to the Acroyear's planet. The battle of Spartak begins.

Acroyear, having regain his king of Spartak's place and his lover Cilicia, quits his friends to join the Crystal Chamber where he must live or die defending his planet. The others micronauts join the space battle. Arcturus Rann, seeing at Karza, try to shoot him but the Baron's force field seem unbreakable. In a desperate act, the champion of the Enigma force throws his space fighter on it but, one time again, the force field resists. Mari, Biotron, Microtron and Bug watch with horror the fighter fall in pieces, with few hope their leader can still live.

With their leader supposed dead, King Acroyear sealed in a strange room and the Karza's army taking advantage on the Acroyear's warriors, the Micronauts seem engaged in a desperate battle.

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