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On earth, Baron Karza confronts the Micronauts and Captain Universe.

Complete summary (with Spoilers)

In Cap Canaveral, Steve Coffin and the Micronauts arrived in a huge battle. Us Marines are fighting Baron Karza who, thanks to the body of Philip Prometheus, are human size (contrary to Commander Rann and his fellowships who are few inch tall). Besides, his “prometheus form” permits him to control the robotic guards defending the laboratory of Prometheus.

Steve explains his strange adventures with the microverse's inhabitants to the chief of the Marine, the colonel Macey. But the young boy cannot helps the colonel to find a way for defeating Karza. So, the small micronauts enter in the battle. Supported by the Endeavor, Commander Rann, Mari and Acroyear attack the armored despot.

On Homeworld, Prince Argon and Slug, the leader of the Underground, recently escaped from the Karza's body banks, join the rebels forces, hidden in a religious sanctuary dedicated to Dallan and Sepsis. A shadow priest explains to all them that his order, apparently faithful to Baron Karza, have secretly labored to create a network of rebellion against him. This long time ago action have one goal: welcome the foretell champion who gonna deliver homeworld from his tyrant, Arcturus, son of Dallan and Sepsis Rann. Encouraged by this revelation, Prince Argon don the sacred armor of Dallan Rann and announce the beginning of the revolution, naming himself Force Commander.

On Earth, the battle hardly continues and the micronauts succeed to win against the robotic guards. But they cannot resist to the mighty power of Karza. One by one, they fall. Mari is injured, saying to Commander Rann she refuses to quit the battle field because she loves him. The battle seems to be over when a blue, white and sparklying hero engage the fight: Captain Universe. A few time ago, in the Microverse space, Ray Coffin has accepted to be the champion of the Enigma force and the Time Traveler has gave him the power of the Captain Universe. Traveling through the Prometheus Pitt, he has reached Earth to confront Karza. The confrontation is incredible: The mighty of Karza, stole all over the Microverse against the power of Captain Universe, symbol of all the resistance to Karza. But no one seems able to win.

Back aboard the Endeavor, Commander Rann wants to act against his enemy. He decides to go back in the Microverse through the Prometheus Pitt. So, either, the micronauts will seal the pitt and imprisoned Karza on Earth or either Karza will be forced to follow him and lost the incredible power granted by his human size. But the power of Baron Karza alerts him of the plan of Rann. Worried, he flies from the battle and use the Prometheus Pitt just after the Micronauts's starcraft.

The battle on Earth is over. The Prometheus Pitt is sealed. The power of the Enigma force quits Ray Coffin who can hug his son, Steve. The confrontation between Karza and the Micronauts will continued in the Microverse.

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