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While the dog soldiers of Baron Karza try to capture slug, the leader of the Underground of homeworld, on Earth, the micronauts try to find their teamate, Bug, carried by Ray and Steve Coffin in Cap Canaveral.

Complete summary (with spoilers)

On Homeworld, the dog soldiers of Baron Karza attacks an hidden place of the Underground movement. The rebels were literally cut in pieces by the mighty weapons of their enemies, The luckiest of them are captured in order to fill the terrific body banks. Among the underground fighters, Slug, their leader is also imprisoned but as a simple woman because Trill, one of her fellows give his life pretending he was her.

On earth, the micronauts, in their spacecraft, try to get back to Bug but the endeavor is severely damaged and they also have to wait for recharging the solar collectors. In the coffin's garden, their insectoid friend succeed, with difficulties, to climb in the human car. Ray coffin, and his son Steve, went to former ray's job place, Cap Canaveral. Follow by Bug, they bring the pieces of the destroyed space fighters of Prince Shaitan to Professor Phillip Prometheus who seems very interested. The others Micronauts, them, succeed to join the Coffin house but the endeavor is so severely damaged that they crashed entering in the utility room. Leaving Biotron repairing the spacecraft, they go on board of a small flying vehicles for searching Bug,

In Microverse, Baron Karza banishes Prince Shaitan for his failure in capture the micronauts.

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