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Michel first seemingly died in a car crash along with his father, orchestrated by Cyberdata. In doing so Cyblade's mentor Madame Jocelyn gained all of their father's assets. She continued Cyblade's training in martial arts and weapon mastery, eventually she was recruited into Cyberdata's ranks. While working for the company Cyblade started to question them, then Doctor Corben contacted her. It all lead Cyblade into discovering that Michel was still alive, but the discovery came at the wrong time, Cyblade was attacked by her former mentor Jocelyn. Fire broke out in the lab where Michel was, when all sides managed to get out, Jocelyn blew up the building: Michel was seemingly dead again. Only to be revealed still alive in some form being mechanized by Cyberdata. Michel thinks that his sister killed their father and wanted to kill him. He tackles with her sister one time when Cyberforce breaks into Cyberdata's facility to help Velocity. There Michel codenamed "Hotspur", hints to Cyblade of their connection but does not reveal his true name.


Cyblade returns to her birth place in forgotten European country, named Chalenne. She discovers her brother to be alive, and looking much better than we last saw him. Being of royal blood, Michel has claimed the ruler-ship of that country. He reveals to Cyblade that their father sold meta-humans to Emil Zadrok to experiment on. When Cyberdata went after his children and he disapproved their action, he was killed. The reunion is cut short by a madman, who uses Eye of Serpentine to gain power. Foolsgrave has crucified Michel and plans on sacrificing him to gain even more power. Cyberforce's reinforcement arrives just in nick of time: the gem is shattered and darkness falls over Chalenne, Cyblade then cuts herself to draw the evil inside her. The day is saved by a girl who holds the Ark of Serpentine. Michel is cut down from the cross, and he seems to be dying again. The future is left open for Michel as this is the last we see of him.

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