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In a Communist state a convicted traitor is given the option of going through an experimental procedure to increase his strength and aiding in a mission to advance the states space programme. The defector agreed but the experiment turned him into the grotesque, hulkish creature called The Metazoid. Now, in exchange for his freedom and being returned to normal, The Metaozid must kidnap US missile expert Walter Lawson.


The Metazoid was created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Don Heck in 1968.

Powers & Abilities

The Metazoid's body is glutinous and can stick to most surfaces, it randomly mutates beyond his control. The creature is physically designed to withstand any alien condition and posses the metabolic factor of 50 normal men, giving him increased strength and durability.

Major Story Arc

The Metazoid was dispatched off the coast of Florida to kidnap US missile expert Walter Lawson. Torn between his conscience and the desire to lead a normal life, the creature questioned himself whether doing this evil deed was worth the price of freedom. When the monster finally tracked down his intended victim, he begged Lawson not to resist capture as he didn't want to harm him but the scientist escaped and soon returned as Captain Marvel. During their battle, The Metazoid had the opportunity to kill Mar-Vell but chose to spare his life. Ironically, not knowing this Captain Marvel reacted by killing The Metazoid himself, albeit unintentionally.

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