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Meru was born on the planet Cherron which had two races the Haifs (which Meru was )and the Haif-Nas  .
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The Haif-Nas  were slaves of the Haifs and one day caused their planet to explode .Meru was in love with  Dalia,  a Haif-Nas woman whom he blamed for their worlds destruction .She fled in fear to Earth and  disguised herself as a human (also wipeing out her memory) named "Jane Doe ". Meru followed her to Earth where he fought Spider-Man and Thor .Dalia regained her merory and also fought Meru accidently disinterating each other by over loading Meru`s blaster .They survived as energy forms with both their conscious .
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They blamed Spider-Man and Thor and wanted revenge .They also found out that they could control Dragonfang (sword of the  Valkyrie ) and also possess her as well .Again  in a   battle with Spider-Man and Thor .During the battle they were expunged from Dragonfang and The Valkryie was freed  then they were exiled into space by Thor.While in space they were captured and reformed by the Stranger and placed as his captives .When the Overmind sent the Stranger`s Prisoners against the Stranger ,Meru escaped .What became of Dalia is unknown .
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