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 Merkova Threatens Zinc
 Merkova Threatens Zinc
Merkova has the dubious distinction of being the Cenobite Pinhead's paramour. She was also one of the few known Cenobites to actually "perish" following her induction into the demonic flanks of Hell by Leviathan, Lord Of The Flesh. When the goddess Morte Mamme called seven humans to serve as her Harrowers, Leviathan ordered The General to form a team to intercept, and destroy, them. Merkova led the team of six, but was easily distracted by the kitten, Zinc, allowing Harrower Winston Gage to teleport to Zinc's location, and sever the Cenobite commander's arms with the battle axe bestowed upon him by Morte Mamme.  
Abducted By Merkova
Abducted By Merkova
During her battle with the Harrowers, Marty Sevenbirds stabbed Merkova in the thigh with his divine long sword, mortally wounding the demon. In retaliation, she abducted Bunny Benedict, and returned to hell with the transvestite guardian of Morte Mamme's tomb.
 Merkova's Death
 Merkova's Death
As Merkova lay dying in Hell, it was Pinhead who came to her aid, pulling Sevenbirds' sword from her thigh. In doing so, Merkova perished, much to the anguish of Pinhead. He vowed that the Harrowers would pay with their souls for his loss.


Powers And Abilities

  • Accelerated Healing 
  • Dimensional Manipulation 
  • Teleportation 
  • Telekinesis 
  • Unarmed Combat

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