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History and Origin

 A Man of Mercury
 A Man of Mercury

Mercury Man is the last survivor of his home planet Mercury. Mercury was far more advanced than Earth but similar in other ways. Most notable the people of Mercury were just as able to kill each other just like Earthling. The advance weapons of Mercury let to a war of Armageddon. This turned the planet into a desolate wasteland. Mercury Man was the only survivor. He was able to survive by literally turning himself into Mercury.


 A Silver Bullet
 A Silver Bullet

Mercury man went to Earth after his planet was destroyed and made his mission to stop earth from making the same mistakes his planet did. This time he had the power to do it. He stopped Communist countries from making any kind of nuclear or atomic weapons of any kind. He also transferred men who didn't want to stop making these kinds of weapons to Mercury to show them what kind of devestion they can do and what the consequences were. When the refused to change their policy Mercury Man left them behind on the planet.


The First Look
The First Look

Mercury Man had a few different looks in his limited time as a comic character. In his first Appearance he had a blue costume with black shorts and a red belt on the cover of the comic but on the inside of the comic he had a metallic skin similar to the Silver Surfer. His skin may have been similar to Silver Surfer but he was created before the Silver Surfer. he skin was made to look like Mercury a substance he was able to transform into. This literally made him a Mercury Man. In Mercury second issue he appeared in a red costume. and was able to keep his regular skin color without transforming into a Mercury Man.


Another difference from the first two comic Mercury Man was in was his ears. In the First Comic his ears were little wings and he also had wings on his ankles. In his second appearance his ears were much more pointed like the legendary Spock. It should be noted that he appeared before Spock as well.


The Final Look
The Final Look

Mercury Man's powers are not clearly defined as to how well they all work or at what level. It is not even clear if the powers he had were the only ones that he had. This is due to his limited appearances in the Silver Age that defined him.

  1. Flight.
  2. Disintegration bolts that shot from his hands.
  3. Transform into Mercury.
  4. A minor Telepathy being able to find people.
  5. Invulnerability. It is unclear how invulnerable but he is able to survive a nuclear bomb.
  6. Can survive and travel in the vacuum of space.
  7. Super-strength.
  8. Intelligence. Mercury Man was a scientist before the apocalypse of his world and developed a way to transform himself into Mercury.

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