Whats Wrong With Him ?

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I don't get it? What is wrong with Mephisto? I read One more day and something is totally wrong. In order to bring back Aunt May Peter and Mary Jane have to give  him there love and marriage. Spider-Man and his wife Mary Jane agree, and this part of their history is erased so that, effectively, they have never been married. Additionally, the demon erases the world's collective memory of Spider-Man's secret identity. Ok now if Mephisto can do this then why diden't he do that with Reed and Sue to bring back the Human Torch? or Blink to bring back Mimic? If Mephisto is that powerfull then why dose he keep getting his butt kicked by the heroes all the time?
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@Kid_Omega_Prime: Because Marvel is currently run by some barely literate morons who can't get their sh*t together 
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He could. He is so so powerful, but peeps don't like it when the bad guy wins (apart from me).

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I agree with joshmightbe there seems to be alot of silly plot points in the marvel universe altogether.

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He wants to have ace in his sleeve when dealing with Beyonder. it was in Issue# 274 The Soul of the Spider. Beyonder felt sympathy for Spiderman. This is a guy who will done universal genocide and feels nothing afterward.

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About the best we have is Mephisto is bound by all sorts of rules (basically made as needed) enforced by the Living Tribunal. Were Mephisto to break them their would be massive cosmic upheavals and Mephisto would risk being permanently destroyed by the Living Tribunal.

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