Mephisto feats?

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I've always had a hard time estimating where Mephisto stands with Marvel's cosmic characters. I've seen him act rather inconsistently with his magical abilities and durability both inside and outside his realm. I additionally don't know if him getting harmed by guys like the Silver Surfer, Nightcrawler, or whomever outside his realm is justified by PIS, or the fact that he is significantly weaker outside his realm.

I don't usually see him in battle outside Hades/Hell too. Despite his extensive knowledge on magic, he rarely seems to use it.

Does anyone have a large set of feats on Mephisto, possibly under the following categories?


Speed/Reaction Time


Energy Projection

Magical abilites

Fighting Ability

Intellect (I already know he's pretty smart, but since I'm already here I thought I'd ask)

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