Is Mephisto the Devil ?

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People keep saying Mephisto is the Devil and i'm wondering if its true ? In the Marvel universe there is another demon with the name Lucifer so is he the Devil to ?

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He's a devil, though he isn't THE devil. I think he explained it in Journey into Mystery during Fear Itself.

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: Not quite, Multiple demons has claimed to be the Devil with Mephisto himself is said to only be an extremely powerful demon. Who is said also be just another aspect or fragment of the true one.

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No. He's a deviant who poses as the Devil to gain respect and instill fear.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

No. He's a deviant who poses as the Devil to gain respect and instill fear.

HA !!! I knew it. I knew he wasen't the Devil. Thanks for the help everybody.

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I have the correct answer to this for people who are interested and I was looking for this subject on ComicVine so I'm glad to share. An editorial reply from The Hammer Strike letters page read: "Mephisto and Satan, however difficult as it may be for you to accept at first, are one and the same character." To further elaborate on this, in Catholicism, Satan is not the Devil, but in fact another demon, who is very evil, and sometimes said to be the same demon as a demon from Mesopotamian mythology of the same name. In fact, according to demonology, the only of which can be considered official by the Catholic Church, was written by a Dominican prior Sebastien Michaelis, as reportedly told my him by demon Berith during an exorcism. In this demonology, Satan is not even listed. He is a lower demon, compared to those of the hierarchy. The name of the Devil, is in fact Lucifer, different from Satan. In order of power/hierarchy in demonology, the main powers are Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Berith, Astaroth, Verrine, Gressil, Sonneillon, Carreau, Carnivean, Oeillet, Rosier, Belias, Olivier, and Iuvart. According to the editorial, Mephisto, a character created by German author Faust in his legends, is Satan, which would make sense by their characterizations. Michaelis's book is called Admirable History and was written in his native French. It is also worth noting that when you consider all this info, it is clear that Marduk Kurios is not Satan. He seems linked the the primordial gods of Earth, which along with abstracts, cosmics, Celestials, what have you, are often linked to Greek mythology, like Gaea, Agamotto, Cyttorak, Atum. Atum, an Egyptian god, could have been the same as Helios, or an aspect of him, as Greco-Roman beings were often the other side of the same coin as Mesopotamian/Babylonian/Chaldean/Hittite/Akkadian/Sumerian/Egyptian/Phoenician and others from the Cradle of Life.

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This also might e of interest:

Sinifer->Dormammu and Umar->Clea by Umar and Satannish by Dormammu-> Marduk Kurios by Satannish-> Hellstorm and Satana

Mephisto (Satan)-> Blackheart, Mephista, Malevolence

Gressil was the Earth Demon in the first movie, Ghost Rider. Wallow in some demonologies is pretty high up. Abigor in some mythologies is considered super evil. Sinifer's line seems like they come from Ancient Greek Mythology (by lineage). Mephisto's line is either Catholic Religion, due to him being Satan, or maybe he is Satan from Zoroastrianism, a branch of the Mesopotamian etc. myths, or maybe, even Pan, of Greek mythology, said to be a playful being of wisdom, often perverted as a tempter and deceiver like the snake in the Garden of Eden. However, since Faust was German, and they used Mephisto, they probably mean Satan from Catholicism, therefore Mephisto is not the Devil (Lucifer) but he is in fact Satan.

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yes there's no real the devil in marvel only devils

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: His a Archdemon, he is called Lucifer because his a light bringer,almost all the fallen are called light bringers.Adversary of light.

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