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Menz Insana is one part love story and one part psychotic head trip. It's the story of Menz and Jaz two normal humans who went insane a long time ago, and now travel the mental plane, exploring and generally losing their minds. Eventually they discover that the mind isn't really all that big a thing to lose anyway, and they learn a little bit about themselves along the way.

Back Blurb

Pop your cork? Lose your cool? Blow your mind?

From acclaimed British horror novelist Christopher Fowler (Spanky, Roofworld) and award-winning painter John Bolton comes MENZ INSANA, a delightful look at the realm of insanity with a story that's as graphic, comical and colorful as the art that accompanies it.

Meet Menz and Jaz: He's part Mad Hatter and part Mary Poppins. She's part Barbarella and part Vargas girl. Together they travel the chameleon-like landscape of the Mental Plane-a riotous parallel reality where the minds of the mentally fractured meet. Despite constant distractions by fellow residents such as the arrogant Cowhead, Betty the Deep-Fried Rabbit and the ever-adorable Squid Baby, Menz and Jaz are consumed by two questions: Where are their Earthbound bodies, and what made them go mad in the first place? Through interlinked short stories ranging from black comedy and sitcom satire to contemporary horror, the answers to these questions are more unfold, and may alter the relationship between Menz and Jaz... forever.

Story Titles

  • Story 1: Mortals and Portals
  • Story 2: Let's Get Normal
  • Story 3: Big Night Out
  • Story 4: Trains, Boats & Insane Planes
  • Story 5: On The Level
  • Story 6: The Snow Job
  • Story 7: Home Truths, Part 1
  • Story 8: Home Truths, Part 2







Story Arcs

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