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Major Story Arcs

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For All Mankind

Menasor is the result when all the Stunticons combine, thanks to special upgrades by Swindle. He first forms when Ultra Magnus and a group of other Autobots ambush Swindle, the Stunticons, and Rodimus and other Autobots who Magnus believes is colluding with the Decepticons. Magnus believed his team had the advantage but then Swindle had the Stunticons form Menasor who was then ordered to take out Magnus first. All the firepower of the Autobots isn't able to stop him. Ultimately, Spike Witwicky, hearing about the threat, remembers when Devastator attacked New York City just three years before and to prevent such a disaster from happening again, allows Optimus Prime to be released. Under Optimus Prime's leadership, the Autobots manage to defeat Menasor by using his weakness - the inability of the individual Stunticons to work together - to their advantage. The Stunticons are then taken in after their defeat.

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