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Melody makes Ted Pay
Melody makes Ted Pay

In the first DC Blue Beetle regular series Melody Case was an able bodied Scientist at KORD Industries. Later on Melody become the second in command at the same company, and seems to have completely change her personality. She went from being a flirty, sweet, wide eyed scientist to a pushy, bossy, ill-tempered business woman. She ends up pushing Beetle around like he was a complete Melvin and even trashing his office because he was letting his work slide a little bit. Yes, that's right she trashed the office of her boss and boyfriend for not doing his work. She goes so far as to tip over the table in his office.

Personality Change

The personality change and position change of this character seems to be a decision of the writers. It is never explained in the story why she changed so dramatically. It is as if she was a completely different person. Her hair looked different, she was drawn different dressed different and and acted completely out of her original character.

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