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The only Megazords that have been shown in comics are the original Megazord, the Thunder Megazord, the Ninja Megazord, the Zeo Megazord, and the Turbo Megazord. They usually aren't shown for long, other than for a fast monster battle. In the Beetleborgs crossover, the Turbo Megazord was shown to combine with their vehicles to create a completely new Megazord.

TV Show

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Original Megazord

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The Original Megazord from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was formed by the Dinozords. The original Megazord possessed a tank mode, with which is would assume before assuming it's battle mode. When in battle mode, it becomes a giant robot, that ultimately battled Rita's monsters with it's most powerful weapon, the power sword. But the Megazord did have one crippling weakness, it's reliance on solar energy,but can be overcame by using the power sword to give itself an energy boost and continuing to battle

This Megazord was ultimately upgraded into becoming the Thunder Megazord following the arrival of Lord Zedd to combat his vastly more powerful monsters.

Dragon Megazord

An alternate version of the Megazord formed by the Dragonzord, Mastadon zord, Triceratops zord, and Sabretooth Tiger zord, it does not incorporate the Red or Pink ranger's zords into this version of the Megazord, unlike the next evolution of the Megazord which uses all 6 zords.

Mega Dragonzord

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The Mega Dragonzord is formed when the Megazord isn't enough to win the battle, the mode is a combination of the Megazord with the Green Rangers, mighty Dragonzord. While the Megazord doesn't go through a radical change, it increases the Megazord's attack power exponentially, with it's most devastating attack being it's "Z-Sphere".

Dino Ultrazord, Ninja Ultrazord, Shogun Ultrazord

Titanus was the rangers ultimate weapon, forming into the most powerful zords. When becoming the Dino Ultrazord, the Mega Dragonzord, rode on top of Titanus, ultimately delivering devasting attacks that none of Rita's monsters could withstand. The Ninja Ultrazord is the result of Titanus combining with the Ninja MegaFalconzord, with no monster being able to withstand it's assault.The Shogun Ultrazord is the strongest of the Ranger's Megazords, ultimately only used once against the monster known as Dicshordia.

Thunder Megazord

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When the ranger's Dinozords were almost destroyed by Lord Zedd's Pirantishead monster, Zordon used the last salvageable part's of the their Dinzords to create the Thunderzord's. When the Red Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, Griffen, and Firebird Thunderzords combined, they became the Thunder Megazord. The Thunder Megazord, being vastly more powerful utilized it's thunder sabre in battle against Lord Zedd's monsters until finally falling in battle against Rita's younger brother Rito Revolto.

Mega Tigerzord

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The Mega Tigerzord, is achieved when the Tiger zord enters it's battlemode, and combines with the Firebird,lion,unicorn, and griffin Thunderzords.This Megazord has the advantage of being more powerful, at the cost of a little bit of his speed, while it's finisher was to shoot the Firebird Thunderzord at it's enemy to destroy it.

Thunder Ultrazord

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The Thunder Ultrazord was made of the thunderzords, along with the tigerzord, combined with Tor instead of Titanus.It was rarely used in battle, but when used it forgo direct attacks preferring to fly into the air, and crush it's opponet under it's tremendous weight.

Ninja Megazord

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The Ninja Megazord is a combination of the Frog,Crane,Bear,Wolf and Ape ninjazords. This Megazord's main advantage over the previous one's was it's agility, being much faster then any of the previous Megazord's had been, and even more powerful. It's one drawback is it's lack of fingers, which prevents it from utilizing a weapon, but making up for this shortcoming with it's ability to throw energy punches at it's foe to defeat them

Shogun Megazord

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The Shogun Megazord is made when the 5 legendary Shogun zords combine together. It utilized the Fire Saber in Megazord mode, and was able to combine with the ninja falcon zord from the ninja zord, giving it the capabilities of flight.

Ninja Mega Falconzord

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The Ninja MegaFalconzord, involves the falcon zord docking onto the back of the Ninja Megzord, giving it the capabilities of flight along with the ability to fire rockets from the tips of the falcon zords wings.

Shogun Mega Falconzord

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The Shogun Mega Falconzord is made when the Shogun Megazord combines with the Ninja MegaFalconzord. When combine it has the ability of flight and giving it the ability to destroy it's enemies with a barrage from the wing tips of the falconzord, and completely forgoing the use of the Shogun Megazord's fire sabre.

Power Rangers Zeo

Zeo Megazord

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These zords are created by the original blue ranger billy, working with Alpha 5, with the zords themselves being in the shapes of creatures and structures from throughout mythology. This megazord combined when the five zeo zords combined, but had the added ability to access different abilities depending on the helmet on top of the megazord's head.The Zeo Megazord ultimately defeated it's enemies through the use of the Zeo Megazord Saber, with which it charged up with energy to deliver fatal slashes to monsters.

Zeo Mega Battlezord

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The Zeo Mega Battlezord gives the Zeo Megazord, much more power, through the combination of the Red battlezord. The Zeo Megazord itself, stay's mostly the same with the Red Battlezord's arm's becoming cannon's for the Megazord, which ultimately was this Megazord's finishing move.And finished it's adversaries through releasing massive amounts of energy to attack the ranger's foes.

Zeo Ultrazord

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This is when Pyramidas combined with the Zeo Mega Battlezord. It possessed two modes, it's Carrier Mode and it's Warrior Mode.When in it's warrior mode, it utilized the power of all the zords who would go inside of Pyramidas who stood up, and stood 4 time's taller then the megazord itself.

Super Zeo Megazord

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The super Zeo Megazord became when Trey give's the rangers super zeo crystals with which the ranger's claimed the long hidden super zeozords. When combined the Super Zeo Megazord was extremely powerful, even being able to defeat King Mondo himself. It's main strength came from it's massive size, being twice as big as megazord sized monsters, and finishing them off with it's twin saber's energy slashes.

Power Rangers Turbo

Turbo Megazord

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The first Megazord utilized by the Turbo Rangers.The turbo megazord was extremely powerful, with Zordon himself claiming that it was the most powerful zord to have been created.The megazord was very powerful offensively, completely overwhelming it's opponents with it's Turbo Megazord Saber, along with it's habit of running towards it's opponent and spinning out, repeatedly slashing them. The Turbo Megazord eventually fell to the monster known as Goldgoyle, survived it's spin out attack completely unfazed, before launching a series of energy blasts that completely destroyed the Megazord.

Rescue Megazord

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The Power Rangers second Megazord, it's main weapons were a set of cannons which it utilized in battle, with one being a flamethrower, while the other was a gatling blaster. The Rescue Megazord ultimately was destroyed as well, when after being critically damaged by the monster known as Goldgoyle, it self destructed in a attempt to finally defeat the monster, only for the attempt to be for nothing as Goldgoyle was perfectly fine.

Power Rangers In Space

Astro Megazord

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The Astro Megaship, the home of the Power Rangers turned into the Astro Megaship when needed to battle monsters. Armed with the Astro Megazord blaster,Saber, and Shield, it was extremely powerful, but usually finishing off it's adversaries with a charged up attack from the Astro Saber.

Delta Megazord

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The Delta Megazord, was the transformed form of the Delta Megaship, it was the Red Space Rangers second megaship zord.Extremely powerful it utilized the high powered Gatling blasters it has equpped on each hand. Eventually when the villainous Ecliptor was brought back more powerful then ever, he destroyed the Delta Megazord easily in a show of power.

Astro Delta Megazord

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The combined form of the Astro and Delta Megazords.In this form it's main means of attack were a set of shoulder mounted cannon's, and to launch it's fists at it's opponent. Unfortunately when Ecliptor destroyed the Delta Megazord in battle this form was unusable.

Mega Winger

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The Silver Ranger's personal megaship zord, it was a gift from the rebels of the planet KO-35.The Mega Winger was incredibly fast, while being armed with its weapon The Wing Blaster. The Mega Winger was ultimately extremely damaged at the end of the series.

Mega Voyager

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The Mega Voyager is formed from the Mega Vehicles which were hidden by Zordon. Extremely powerful using many laser and rocket attacks the Megazord is ultimately destroyed in battle Tankenstien, following the damage received at the hands of a more powerful Ecliptor.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Galaxy Megazord

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The Galaxy Megazord is the Lost Galaxy Ranger's main megazord, it's formed upon the uniting of the five Galactazords. it's noteworthy in that the Megazord is sentinet, with the quality coming from the Galactazord's time as the galactabeasts. The Megzord got an upgrade from the Light of Orion, further increasing it's considerable power. The Megazord relied on it's Galaxysaber to finish off the Monster's it battled.

Stratoforce Megazord

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When the Phoenix Glactabeast Zord's parts were rearranged, the Stratoforce Megazord was formed. The Megazord's main weapon was it's boomerrang with which it attacked. It ultimately was detroyed when attack by sting winger's strapped with bombs.

Centaurus Megazord

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The rhino galactabeast transformed into 5 small car zords, which formed the Centaurus Megazord, which attacked by firing a extremely powerful laser cannon. It ultimately was destroyed when attacked by sting wingers strapped with bombs.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Lightspeed Megazord

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Formed when the five rescuezords are brought together. It attacked utilizing it's Lightspeed saber in combat. But it eventually fall's in combat against Diabolico and Olympius.

Supertrain Megazord

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The Supertrain Megazord is formed when the Rail Rescues leave the track they ride on, and come together. This Megazord is significantly larger then the others, because of the larger size of the individual zords that make it up. When in battle it attacked with it's arsenal of missles and it's Gatling Blasters. The Supertrain Megazord ultimately falls in battle against Olympus, and diaboloico.

Omega Megazord

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The Omega Megazord, is formed from the rangers Omegazords. It's more powerful then the Lightspeed Megazord, when it entered battle it utilized it's staff that fired it's missile attack at it's foe. Ultimately it was damaged in battle again Diabolico and Olympus only to be repaired by rangers enemy and used in a special ceremony before finally being destroyed by the rangers.

Lifeforce Megazord

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The Ranger's final Megazord, it bared a resemblance to the Solarzord except for it's black coloring.It's power comes from the rangers life force itself, making it incredibly powerful. But is only used occasionally because of the risk to the rangers, and it's slow nature.It's only first used after Olympus and Diabolico defeat the other four Megazords, with this being there last option the rangers use it and defeat the duo. This Megazord is ultimately destroyed when blasted by torpedoes which cause the base to explode, following it being taken over.

Power Rangers Time Force

Time Force Megazord

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The Time Force Megazord is assembled when the Time Flyers are sent back into the past. The Megazord can ultimately assume 3 modes, Red,Blue and Jet. With the Red mode being the more commonly utilized mode of attack for the Megazord, with which is optimized for attack power with the The Timeforce Megazord Sabre and Shield. While Blue mode is optimized for it's speed, with it's main mean's of attack being attacking with the timejet in blaster mode to freeze there adversary.

Time Shadow Megazord

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The Time Shadow Megazord is formed from the Time Shadow Jet, which is mysteriously sent from the future to assist the rangers in battle.When in Megazord mode it attacks with it's powerful blade equipped to it's wrist, and also can combine with either mode the TimeForce Megazord is in. While the person who sent, and controlled the shadow winger is a mystery, it's eventually revealed the person who's in command is Alex.

Q-Rex Megazord

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The Quantasarus Rex, is the personal zord of the Quantum Ranger, the zord was a prototype of Timeforce but was lost in time following it being sent back. The Q-Rex has the ability to assume it's own Megazord mode, in which it's main attack comes from the cryounits located on top of the Megazord's shoulders. While also possessing the ability to shoot it's left fist at it's opponent

Transwarp Megazord.

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The Megazord responsible for sending the other zord's back through time, it send them through time by knocking them with his arm through the time portal. It was ultimately brought back in time, where it participated in one battle before returning back to the year 3000.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Wild Force Megazord

The Wild Force Megazord was originally the combination of the original five Wild Zords. But as more Zords were found, more modes were able to be used by different combinations of Zords. The Modes include: Sword and Shield Mode, Spear Mode, Double Knuckle Mode, Striker Mode, Predator Mode, Clutcher Mode, Spear and Knuckle Mode, and Spear and Shield Mode.


The Kongazord was the second Megazord introduced to the Rangers.Extremely strong, it took over the red lion's spot occasionally in the Megazord after it's endurance had been exhausted. The Konga zord was ultimately destroyed in battle with the Master Org, only to be brought back following his defeat.


This was the combination of all the Lunar Wolf Ranger's Zords. It possessed a spear mode and a double knuckle mode.

Isis Megazord

This was created by other zords other than the main Zords. It had 1 extra mode, Predator Mode.

Animus Megazord

This was the combination of the ancient Zords. It was ultimately destroyed in battle against a powered up Master Org, but most likely was revived alongside the majority of the other Wild Zords.

Pegasus Megazord

This was another combination of the Zords and was only used a few times.

Power Rangers Ninja Force

Storm Megazord

This is the combination of all the Ninja Zords the first 3 rangers from this season used,in combat it frequently revolved around using Power Spheres. It also has an alternate mode called Lightning Mode which is faster and more agile than the standard Megazord. The Megazord was ultimately destroyed in battle with the series's main antagonist Lothor and his own Megazord the Lothorzord.

Thunder Megazord

This is the combination of the Crimson and Navy Ranger's Zords. Like the Storm Megazord the Thunder Megazord also made use of Power Spheres for combat and support purposes several times. This Megazord was ultimately destroyed by Lothor's newest general Vexacus, although all of the rangers managed to escape the ensuing explosion.

Thunderstorm Megazord

A combination of the Storm, Thunder and Minizord. For the two to combine it was necessary to free Minizord from his Power Sphere to facilitate this.

Samurai Star Megazord

This Megazord is the Green Ranger's Zord, turned into a Megazord. It has two Storm Modes that activate when combined with either the Storm or Thunder Megazords.

Hurricane Megazord

This is the combination of the Storm, Thunder and Samurai Star Megazords. It is the most powerful Megazord the rangers have.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Thundersaurus Megazord

Combination of the first 3 Dino Thunder Ranger's Zords. It has many modes and Zords that can swap with individual pieces of the Zord to create new attacks. This is ultimately destroyed in the finale when the rangers sacrifice their zords to destroy the Zelzord.

Dino Stegazord

A combination of two of the extra Zords and can use the extra Zords as weapons.

Mezodon Megazord

The Mezodon Rover changes shape and turns into this Megazord.

Triceramax Megazord

This is the Mezodon Megazord with some of the extra Zords put together. It is quite powerful and has a unique staff attack.

Valkasaurus Megazord

This is a combination of the Dino Stegazord and Thundersaurus Megazord. It is the most powerful Megazord the Ranger's have.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Delta Squad Megazord

This is the first Megazord the S.P.D. Ranger's use. It is the combination of all there original Zords.

Delta Command Megazord

The Delta Command Base also could turn into a Megazord and was extremely powerful.

Omegamax Megazord

This is the Omega Cycle that could turn into a Megazord. It was extremely faster than other Zords.

Deltamax Megazord

This is a combination of the Delta Squad Megazord and the Omegamax Megazord. It was considerably more powerful than the 2.

S.W.A.T. Megazord

This is the combination of the Ranger's S.W.A.T. Fliers. This Megazord had the ability to Fly.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Titan Megazord

A combination of all the Mystic Ranger's Mystic Titan Zords. It had a powerful Dragon Mode which inabled it to fly.

Centarus Wolf Megazord

This is a combination of the Legendary Centarus Zord and the Lone Wolf.

Centarus Phoenix Megazord

This is the combination of the Centarus Zord and the Red Ranger's Phoenix Mystic Titan Zord.

Solar Streak Megazord

This was the Solar Night's Solar Streak transformed into a Megazord.

Manticore Megazord

The 2 Mystic Legend Zords, Phoenix and Lion Zord, come together to make this powerful Megazord.

Phoenix Unizord

This is the combination of the Mystic Phoenix and the Brightstar Megazord.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Drive Max Megazord

This Megazord had may add ons with the different Driver Zords the Ranger's found. It was diverse and powerful.

Flash Point Megazord

This is a combination of the Mercury Ranger's Zords. It had many modes because of added on Driver Zords as well.

Battlefleet Megazord

This is the most powerful and tallest Megazord these Ranger's have. It had a carrier mode as well.

DualDrive Megazord

This is the extra Driver Zords that came together to create a sepereate Zord.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Jungle Pride Megazord

This is a combination of the main 3 Ranger's Original Zords. It can use the Elephant, Shark and Bat Zords as added on weapons as well.

Jungle Master Megazord

When the Rangers become Masters, they can call upon the Master Zords to create a completely new Megazord. It can also use the Elephant, Shark and Bat Zords as added on weapons.

Wolf Pride Megazord

This is when the Wolf Zord combines with the Yellow and Blue Rangers Original Zords. It has only been shown to be able to combine with the Bat Zord for a weapon.

Rhino Pride Megazord

This the the Rhino Steel Zord's Megazord form. It has human like features and hasn't been shown to use the extra weapons like the other Megazords.

Power Rangers R.P.M.

High Octane Megazord

The main 3 Ranger's Zords combine together to create this basic Megazord. It can use any of the other Ranger's Zords as weapons.

Valvemax Megazord

A combination of the Green and Black R.P.M. Ranger's Zords.

Zenith Megazord

A combination of the High Octane Megazord, Valvemax Megazord and Croc Carrier.

Mach Megazord

The Silver and Gold Ranger's Zords combine with the Whale Zord to create this Megazord. It has the ability of flight.

Sky Rev Megazord

This is a combination of the Zenith Megazord and the Mach Megazord. It was hard to put together when the Rangers first tried it.

PaleoMax Megazord

The PaleoMax Zord could rearrange it's parts to create this Megazord.

R.P.M. Ultrazord

This is a combination of all the Ranger's Zords and extra Zords. It is the most powerful Megazord they use and is extremely hard to put together.

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