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Piro, an obsessed anime/manga fan and his friend Largo, a hard core American gamer and l33t h4x0rm4573r, are still stranded in Japan. After a disastrous, drunken night at a local beer garden, Piro is convinced that aspiring voice actress Kimiko despises him. Having previously tharted a zombie invasion, Largo is now convinced that the mysterious zombie queen Miho is plotting to send Tokyo into a darkness so complete that even the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division will not be able to rebuild it. Piro just wants to get through the day and apologize to Kimiko about the night before. He soon realizes that if she gets the part she is auditioning for, he may already be one of her biggest fans...

Megatokyo Volume 3 collects chapters three and four of the highly popular online webcomic "Megatokyo" into print form and includes an exclusive, fully illustrated, ight-page comic not available online. Read the book, save your bandwidth.

Chapter Titles

  • Volume 3 Fr33talk
  • Chapter 3: "Am I Your Number One Fan?"
  • Chapter 4: "Low Ping Rate"
  • Shirt Guy Dom pull-out section
  • One-Shot (non-story) Episodes
  • Grand Theft Colo
  • Dead Piro Art Days
  • In Search of Lost Wings
  • Gameworlds extra: "Endgames:Disabled"
  • Strip Index







Story Arcs

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