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Megatak vs Thor.
Megatak vs Thor.

Gregory Nettles was an industrial thief that attended the Twelfth Annual Electronics Show where he was suppose to steal crucial microchips from Megatak, the hottest and newest video game being displayed for a rival company. His bosses threatened to fire him if he couldn't steal the chips before they demonstrated the game at the show. Nettles time was running out so he bribed the man wearing the Megatak costume to give it up for one thousand bucks. Nettles donned the Megatak costume and attempted to steal the technology but the demonstration was about to begin. Nettles starting pulling wires to delay the game but they activated the switch and a freak accident occurred. Nettles physical body was transformed into raw energy as he was sucked into the game. Nettles emerged from the game screen as Megatak and possessed electro-kinesis abilities, Megatak could control electricity and electronic components. Megatak shot several video games with his lance and brought some video game images like saucers and spacemen to life. Megatak's carnage at the show attracted the attention of Sif and Thor. Megatak proved to be a formidable foe as he was able to absorb energy and increase his powers. Thor was able to defeat Megatak when he strikes him with a lightning bolt and siphons the rest of his energy away.


Megatak was created by Doug Moench and Alan Kupperberg in 1983 and first appeared in Thor # 328.

Major Story Arcs

Scourge of the Underworld

Nettles would be released from prison and reappeared back in the city during a battle between the Green Liberation Front, Titanium Man and Beta Ray Bill. Megatak emerged into an alley where he was shot and killed by Scourge who was dressed as an old man in a trench coat.

Dark Reign

The Hood has resurrected some of the victims killed by the Scourge of the Underworld including Megatak. The Hood has augmented the abilities of some of these resurrected criminals and Megatak is more deadlier than ever. The Hood told his new army that the Scourge was secretly the Punisher and he has ordered them to eliminate Frank Castle. The spell that brought them back to life only lasts thirty days and only the Hood can extend their lives.

The new Megatak is a living computer program and works closely with Microchip, one of the world's greatest hacker. Megatak literally interfaces with a computer screen and searches the worldwide web to seek out Castle's hacker friend, Henry. Microchip would find Henry's headquarters and send the cyber-terror, Megatak to hunt him down. Megatak jumps out of Henry's computer screen and beats him down. Megatak proceeds to interface with all of Henry's computers and upload all the war journal information he can get. Henry manages to escape on his rocket propelled skateboard but Megatak teleports Bluestreak through the computer and orders him to apprehend the young hacker.

Savage Six

Savage Six
Savage Six

Megatak is now a member of Crime Master's new cartel called the Savage Six which also include Death Adder, Jack O Lantern and the Human Fly. Venom attempts to assassinate the Crime Master since he knows his true identity as Flash Thompson. However, the attempt is botched when Eddie Brock attacks Venom since he has been killing the hosts of the other symbiotes in New York. Crime Master orders his men to take out Venom so Megatak produces an energy construct shield by using the binary code of the cosmos to protect them from the bullets. Megatak would slam Venom in the back with his energy construct but Venom manages to get away. Eddie Brock is captured and Crime Master uses him as the newest host for the Toxin symbiote and becomes the sixth member of the Savage Six.

Megatak dies again.
Megatak dies again.

The Savage Six begin to target the loved ones of Flash Thompson and one of their targets is his girlfriend, Betty Brant. Jack O Lantern confronts Betty inside the Empire Java coffee shop and that's when Venom appears. Suddenly a massive fist appears and Megatak emerges from a cell phone. Venom webs Jack O Lantern's face and swings him into Megatak. Venom attempts to call the Avengers on his cell phone but Megatak jams the signal and punches Venom in the face. Venom finds Betty in an alley and reveals his true identity as Flash. Flash tells Betty he needs to contact his family because they are in great danger. Venom swings away with Betty and takes a civilian's cell phone. Betty tries to call Flash's sister's home but Megatak appears on the phone and tells them that escape is impossible because he could track them through the data strings and monitor his moves.

Betty tosses the phone in time and eludes Megatak's arm as he reaches for Venom through the phone. During a fight with Venom, Toxin interfered and killed Megatak by consuming him.

Powers & Abilities

The upgraded Megatak is a living computer program that can literally interface with any computer system to search the web and upload vast amounts of information in seconds. Megatak is capable of transporting himself from computer to computer and can leap out of any computer screen he comes across. Megatak can transport other people through computers as long as he is interfacing with them. Megatak is an intimidating figure that possesses superhuman strength. Megatak can also create energy constructs by using the binary code of the cosmos to produce them. Megatak can interface with any electronic device including video games and cell phones. Megatak can physically emerge from these devices to strike an opponent or simply transport himself from one location to another in a matter of seconds. Megatak can also jam the signals of cell phones or track his enemies electronically through various use of electronic equipment by monitoring the data strings.

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