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Nathan Cooper and his nephew ,Roger " Caps" Cooper ,went on a camping trip and saw a werid glow eminating from a black lake in a cave .His nephew accidently knocked Nat into the lake .He somehow caught on fire and yelled for help .Scared Caps went to get help but when he returned Nat wasn`t there and everyone assumed he drowned .But Nat had actually been transported one million years into  the future .He was discovered by a creature that claimed it was the last essence on earth and called herself the Protector .

The Protector

She is the Protector
She is the Protector
The Protector tried to heal him the best way she could but she never seen a human before so she healed him without a face,ears or hair. The Protector gave Nat the ability to manipulate the enviorment around him and super strength .The Protector wanted Nat to become her compation but Nat was upset and could do nothing about it .Nat stayed in the future for six months ,then seeing his oppurtunity ,.trapped the Protector in a glass sphere.Then he  located the black lake and took a chance and dove into it.Somehow his guess was correct ,he was transported back to the past .He then named himself Megaman and went looking for the person that caused his misery his nephew Caps.Megaman found him and tied him in a sewer that was flooding ,Caps had befriended  Nova ,who rescued him.Megaman`s rage had subsided and he had tried to rescue Caps himself but Nova arrived first.Megaman told Caps that he no lomger blamed him and begged Caps to explaoned what happen to his wife,Clara.Clara didn`t believe him and told him that she was happily remarried to Allen her new husband .Megaman who was outside listening went beserk an attacked Allen.Nova again came to the rescue and fought Megaman .Horrified Megaman saw The Protector who was happy to see him and took him back with her to the Future .Later Megaman had escaped her again and returned to the past but this time he was captured by the Stranger and was brought to  Labworld as the Stranger`s Prisoner .During the Overmind`s attack on the Stranger ,Megaman escaped .Later he was seen in the Negative Zone Prison 42 during Secret Invasion :Fantastic Four #3 when the Thing , Valeria and Franklin passed his cell . 

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