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May meets her clone.
May Parker was stolen by Norman Osborn when she was born. During the time she was stolen she had been cloned. Kaine, Peter's genetically engineered and aged clone, saved one of the May's but, it is not certain which May he had saved. Sixteen years later the May that had grown up in a test tube had gotten out. She wanted her life back and attacked May. While May was fighting a fellow classmate from Midtown High.  During the battle there was a big explosion. After the explosion May had gotten hurt and was taken into care from the Black Tarantula
May fights her clone.
May's clone replaced her while she was trying her hardest to live. May lost control of her body from Arana and then got it back with a spirit in her mind also called May. During the time May was gone Peter had lost control of his body from Norman Osborn. May went to the house to tell every one that her clone was posing as her but, it all ended up messing up the there living room in a fight.  By the end of the fight May, her clone, Peter, and Norman had combined into one and begun the fight in Peter's body. They fight through the memories of Peter and even some of May's memories. By the end of the fight May had won and had gotten her clone to go to her side. Peter had control of his body and they all left Peter's body. The only problem was where they were going to put May's clone? 

Pretending to be Spider-Girl.
They ended up letting May's clone live with them. May's clone ended up coming with her own new name and it was April Parker. Even though Peter said they would figure out her back story with each other she had did what she wanted to do. She changed her appearance with her hybrid powers. April is stubborn and never listens to what ever anyone says.  She is also a rebel. When May was thought to be killed at the hands of Tombstone and only she knew, she had pretended to be May and kissed Wes. April wanted to be her own and not to be in  May's shadow so in a gang war she made her own name and called herself Mayhem. 
She also does not want to follow the rules of May. She does not believe in the no kill policy that May believes in. She says if she has to finish the job by killing then that is what she is going to do. April says if May gets in her way then she will just have to kill her also. To stop the gang war she killed Hobgoblin. In the past, she has also killed Tombstone.    

The Death Of Spider-Girl  

 May dies in the explosion      
Mayhem tells Spider-Girl after the gang war that if Spider-Girl got in her way that Mayhem will kill her. As May is walking with her friends to Cafe Indigo she saw April running on the roof tops watching May. May tells an excuse to her friends and goes and asks April why she is following her. April tells May to step aside and to admit that she was the clone and not April. April tells May that she is protecting the city by making everyone terrified of her. When May disagrees April cuts her with her venom symboit self. They start to fight and end up going into a abandon building while fighting. As April pushes them to the building May slams into the electricity circuit. This makes the building start to go on fire. Because of the fire a piece of wood is about to fall on April but, May pushes her away and saves April and May can not get out. April thinks May did this to make her look bad. As April is talking May throws a web ball at April that way April flies out of the building and she does not die.  As April lands on the roof the building explodes and May dies by saving April.  

The Future

 Mary Jane confronts April
 Then the story flashes to the future and shows Auntie M telling this story , but, Torus needs her and she had to stop the story. Torus tells Auntie M that the Carnages are back. Then he asks a question and that question was why she always makes her that bad guy in that story.  Then Auntie M turns into Mayhem and says that is because I am the bad guy. She tells Torus when May died all she wanted to do was replace her but, that was impossible because Mary Jane, May's mother, knew that  April was not May and found out that May died. After that she continued trying to be a hero. She killed most of the heroes because she thought that was the right thing. Since she was killing heroes, the government made an experiment and that is what made the Carnages. This experiment was killing the human race. As April finishes the story more Carnages are attacking and April decides to go back in time when May died and that would be the only way to save the future. When she goes back to the past, she controls her younger self and does not make May save her this time. This time, April gets stuck under the rubble and dies instead of May. Her last words were "Seems you were always right kiddo. Just took me a lifetime to see it. Say goodbye to the family for me I really did love them in my own way........" She died a true hero and saved the world as only she could.     

Powers & Abilities

April uses her hybrid powers because she gets mad at May.
Originally, April has the same powers as Spider-Girl.  After her genetic modifications, she gained various symbiotic abilities and her natural powers were enhanced. She has the power to cling or repel objects, a spider-sense, super-human levels of strength, speed, agility, durability, healing and possibly enhanced senses.  Her symbiote-nature enables her to generate webbing, snares, tentacles, bladed and blunt edged weapons, and shapeshift into a variety of forms. 

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