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Quicksilver later to take on the name Max Mercury
Quicksilver later to take on the name Max Mercury

The young messenger for a fort in the American West, and a friend with the Blackfoot clan. The Blackfoot clan was ambushed, on orders from the new fort commander. The shaman, with his last breath, invoked ancient tribal magic over the messenger, giving him superhuman speed, and he was sent to stop the rest of the Indians, who had been on a hunt, from being ambushed. The scout found the Indians and the US Army detachment, and disarmed them all, preventing the massacre. From that day forth he became known as Ahwehota—“He who runs beyond the wind” or Windrunner. He continued to stop massacres throughout the west, and he went on for years like this

Windrunner, felt the call from what was the source of his power, what has since been called the speed force. He ran faster than he had ever run before, but hesitated at the last moment... and caromed off the edge of the field, landing several decades in the future. He periodically attempted to reach that place again, somewhere he so longed to be, but each time he just jumped forward to a new era, where he adapted and used a series of names, eventually becoming known in our era as Max Mercury.


The original creation of Max Crandall was by Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian. He originally took on the identity of "Quicksilver" and made his first comic book appearance in the pages of National Comics #5. It wasn't until later that he got revamped and became Max Mercury. His Max Mercury persona was created by Mark Waid and he made his first appearance in his Max Mercury persona in The Flash #76.

Major Story Arcs

Max's Daughter

For More Information: Impulse

In 1948, Max was seriously injured saving Manchester, Alabama from a toxic bomber. He was found by a local doctor, and taken to his remote home to convalesce. Dr. David Claiborne was away much of the time, and Max developed a close relationship with his wife Laura—which culminated in a brief affair. When David discovered them together, Max ran, brushing up against the speed force again and time-jumping. Only decades later did he discover that he had a daughter, Helen Claiborne.

The Flash's Mentor

Jay Garrick returns Max's costume to him
Jay Garrick returns Max's costume to him

For More Information: Flash, Impulse

Jay Garrick and Johnny Quick brought Max out of retirement to fight the false Barry Allen, who would later be revealed to be Professor Zoom. Since then, Max became a mentor to Wally West as he began to discover his destiny. Max often spoke to Wally about a special force that gave all speedsters there speed. Wally like Max's previous pupil, Johnny Quick, never believed Max's theories on the "Speed Force", that was all until Wally discovered the Speed Force only proving Max's theories on an extra-dimensional force to be correct.

Once Wally had learned all he could from Max, Max was then tasked with Bart Allen’s training and made his guardian, pretending to be his uncle, Max Crandall. Max worked with Bart to train him to use his powers whilst at the same time also trying to teach him how to be a normal kid something that was very hard to teach a child from the 30th century who was raised in virtual reality. He moved with Bart to Manchester, Alabama. While in Manchester he meets his daughter Helen Claiborne, now around his age, who he recognizes as his daughter. But she does not know who he is, as she had never met him. He didn't know how best to tell her that he was her father so he chose to keep it a secret and watch over her in secret. It was because his daughter lived in Manchester Alabama that he chose to relocate himself and Bart there to the house across the street from her. Although he tried to keep his distance whilst watching over her, Helen became romantically infatuated with Max. Max could not tell her his secret so he chose to lead her on, that is until Helen is threatened by a former boyfriend who had broken out of prison and chosen to break into her house, Max rushes to the aid of his daughter and when he enters the room he shouts "Get your hands off my daughter". Max saved his daughter but she found out two things about Max that night; his secret identity and that he was her father. She is terribly upset to learn this. It took Helen a long time to forgive Max for lying and leading her on but eventually she forgives him and Max and Bart move into her place eventually when Bart returns from the future.

When last seen, Max had been possessed by the spirit of the Rival, who used a time sphere to depart for some unknown era. It is later revealed Rival had imprisoned him in the Speed Force.

The Flash: Rebirth

For More Information: Flash: Rebirth

Max Mercury: Reborn
Max Mercury: Reborn

Max Mercury has recently escaped from the Speed Force and returned to the world of living in The Flash: Rebirth. While trying to protect his loved ones from his newly acquired abilities, Barry Allen makes the executive decision to return to the Speed Force and end his recent resurrection. Upon reentering the Speed Force, Barry encounters both Johnny Quick and Max Mercury. Johnny is obliterated right after touching Barry like Lady Flash and Savitar before him and it is then revealed to Barry and Max that it is the returned Professor Zoom who is causing the speedsters who encounter Barry to be destroyed. Professor Zoom exits the Speed Force intending to hurt those close to Barry. Barry sets off in pursuit and asks Max to return with him. Max explains that he is too tired and will never be able to make the trip out. Barry refuses to let Max stay and responds by offering him a helping hand telling him he still has a long race to run. Barry and Max escape the Speed Force and arrive just in time to save Kid Flash from the clutches of Professor Zoom.

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost

For More Information: Kid Flash Lost

During the events of Flashpoint Kid Flash, Bart Allen, is sent to the year 3011 where he finds out that the future is ruled by Brainiac and that Brainiac has all the citizens of Earth put into a virtual reality environment inside pods. Kid Flash escapes with the help of Hot Pursuit, Patty Spivot. Patty helped Bart by unleashing the power in the speed force power cell from her speed force motorcycle. Bart like Max before him found himself spiralling through time. Bart appears before Max when Max was in Texas in 1889 helping to reduce casualties between Native Americans and the US army. Max was stationed at a US army fortress when a soldier saw something strange in the distance. Max runs out to investigate only to find Bart Allen. Max did not recognize him and was surprised when Bart knew his name. Bart seemed troubled but asked Max not to touch him, to stay away, but Max wanted to help the boy so he tries to grab him and help him only to be struck down by a bolt of lightning. All that remained after was the burnt remains of his costume and the skeleton of Max Crandall.

Powers & Abilities

Max Mercury is able to run at extreme speeds, due to his connection to the Speed Force. Whenever he nearly enters the speed force he jumps forward in time.

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