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Maverick Volume 1

After the succes of the Maverick one-shot, Maverick is rewarded with his own ongoing series! With the Legacy Virus going into remission, Maverick's mutant powers begin to kick back in.

Clandestine warfare is a wildy unpredictable and dangerous game. For Maverick, it is a way of life. A master in the deadly art of espionage, his unique mutant physiology and state-of-the-art weapons arsenal have become his stock-in-trade. Currently suffering from the effects of a terminal illness which is slowly consuming his body from within, Maverick is living proof that control over one's destiny is somewhat limited at best. Haunted by his past. Hunted by his foes. Betrayed by his own body. In many ways, Maverick has good reason to fear life more than he does death. Yet still he clings to life, all the while struggling to fill the little time he has left with some sense of purpose. Especially now that he has finally found a family to call his own, a testament to the fact that the ties that bind are often forged in the face of great adversity.

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