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Prince Adam and other Masters of The Universe are out on the Golden Isles to demonstrate the BlasterHawk, Eternia's new weapon. They want to use it to fight off Skeletor's and Hordak's evil forces.   
They are enjoying, when suddenly Hordak teleports onto the scene and blasts Prince Adam out onto the Ocean of Gnarl. He then captures Sy-Klone and teleports away to Etheria. But that is not all, He leaves behind a dimension gate, through which his Horde Troopers come in huge numbers and attack the Masters.  
Prince Adam takes his chance to change into He-Man. He whistles for his jet sled and blasts off to Etheria. 
Meanwhile, Hordak is creating massive numbers of Horde Troopers with his new machine and teleporting them to Eternia. He is about to teleport Sy-Klone to an uninhabitable dimension when He-Man intervenes. Hordak leaves his Troopers to finish off the two of them and teleports away with his machine. 
He-Man hits the troopers on their chests, which disables them. Then he and Sy-Klone teleport to Eternia. Hordak is turning out huge numbers of Horde Troopers. He-Man directs the Masters to hit the robots on their chests. He then thrusts his Sword into Hordak's machine and destroys it. This leaves all the troopers wasted. Hordak threatens to return.    

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