Master Chief NOT Dead!

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Look at the LAST 3 minutes about 40:11
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anyone who's completed the game knows the Chief isn't dead...

but this does deserve a spoiler warning for anyone that hasn't completed Halo 3.

The Master Chief and Cortana are left drifting outside of known space, beyond the galactic rim.

maybe there will be a Halo 4, if so, i hope they keep the storyline as good as the original 3 games :D


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I think master chief NOT dead! is a good spoiler warning (just saying). And I think thats just an alternate ending. There are two diffrent endings two the game (If I remember correctly). You have to play hard to have a diffrent ending then easy. (Like I said I think this is true. Its been awhile since I play halo 3) And I hope they do make a Halo 4.
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This is the basis of my next Metroid/Halo fanfic.......the Halo series as a whole, books and everything, I find, have a incredibly well thought out story.

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#5 Posted by warlock360 (28181 posts) - - Show Bio

yup love metroid too though :D

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