no_name_'s Mass Effect: Evolution #1 - Mass Effect: Evolution: Part 1 Of 4 review

Humans vs. Turians?!

Based on the popular Mass Effect video game; Mass Effect: Evolution delves into the back story of the First Contact War between the Turians and the Humans and tells the story of The Illusive Man. 


The Good  

It's not always easy to translate content from one medium to another and do it well; but it seems Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller may have an interesting story on their hands. I can't lie, I'm kind of excited about  learning more about Mass Effect's Cerberus leader, The Illusive Man. The story opens during Mass Effect's First Contact War, depicting the bitter rivalry between the humans and Turian race. In this issue, the Turians are protecting something, and the goal of the humans is to uncover exactly what. After capturing the Turian General Desolas, the humans trick the Turian military forces and are lead to the secret location. The story is interesting and action packed from the get-go. The pacing is good, and art is beautiful. The panels are extremely well organized and compelling. 

The Bad 

There isn't a lot of history given to the reader initially, and I have a problem with that. If you don't know you will be reading about The Illusive Man's back story, then you will be totally lost. Nowhere does it specify in this first issue that the story is about The Illusive Man, the future Cerberus Group leader. This comic is clearly written for the fan of the Mass Effect video game franchise, and if you have a limited amount of knowledge regarding that universe, then chances are you'll have a hard time relating to the events and character interaction in this first issue. My advice: familiarize yourself with concepts from the Mass Effect Franchise (i.e.: The First Contact War, Turians) and you'll have an enjoyable reading experience.  

The Verdict  

Launching almost immediately into a war in its first few pages, this action packed comic does it's duty and leaves the reader wanting more. The catch? You really have to be previously invested in the game story (Mass Effect 1 and 2) in order to appreciate this story and it's characters. For Mass Effect fans, this is a win. For everyone else, you may way to pick up a more new reader friendly title this week. 
Posted by TOYBOXX

Thanks, Babs, for this review. I've never heard of a Mass Effect comic until I read your post on Twitter which piqued my interest to the highest level. Unfortunately, the comic is geared too much to the fan-fare fiction and not necessarily on it's history or lore. All-in-all I'll most likely read this in a PDF format somewhere on the interwebs instead of paying money on this.

Posted by FLStyle

The comments about people who are and aren't previously invested in ME1 and 2 are more than fair, good review.

Posted by Yummylee

I never even put all that much effort into the codex. I read most of the history with Mass Effect 1, at least, but jesus there's just so much fiction to take in here! I may give one of the books ago, and possibly look out for the comics when I gots some cash. Wonder when the animated cartoon will be announced. ;P
Also the Illusive Man looks like Bill Pullman on the front cover there, imo.

Posted by mesosteros

Yeah but he still wasn't the Ilusive Man in this issue. That will probably happen in one of the three others. At least we got to know where he got those beautiful blue lighted eyes!

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